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Request- Show Extensions Moved To Core 1,014  johnywhy  09/24/2009 06:13AM 
Last Post by disrupted
Display HTML files as HTML please! 929  Mr Cooper  09/22/2009 03:35AM 
Last Post by JujuLand
ability to "Drag'n'Drop" a tab in K-Meleon 1,053  Frank  09/20/2009 10:37AM 
Last Post by jsnj
Block images by size option? 1,231  siria  09/17/2009 06:37AM 
Last Post by disrupted
K-Meleon Does Not Respect Keyboard Shortcuts Of Sites 1,750  25  johnywhy  09/16/2009 12:07AM 
Last Post by johnywhy
Copy address of this page 982  kiszuriwalilibori  09/15/2009 11:57PM 
Last Post by kiszuriwalilibori
New tab si not new tab 982  kiszuriwalilibori  09/14/2009 04:35AM 
Last Post by guenter
New Tab 1,046  chester  09/11/2009 10:22PM 
Last Post by impersonator
suggested home page text 1,262  hillhopper  09/06/2009 07:04PM 
Last Post by hillhopper
Right-click context menu : add "top of page" and "bottom of page" 1,386  mhf  09/06/2009 03:59PM 
Last Post by mhf
chat fitur and notification facebook can't be display 845  adyxtr  09/05/2009 04:46AM 
Last Post by adyxtr
abt download accelerators 872  soam  09/03/2009 12:09PM 
Last Post by guenter
idea to fix bad script execution and lockups 1,287  eadthem  08/29/2009 05:12AM 
Last Post by Yogi
Add these two things........... 940  bathory313  08/28/2009 11:39PM 
Last Post by ndebord
Scroogle 1,830  trocchi  08/23/2009 06:01PM 
Last Post by kko
Reset and Full Reset on exit 1,355  Donald  08/22/2009 11:10PM 
Last Post by desga2
Adobe acrobat plugin 882  nico  08/22/2009 08:20PM 
Last Post by nico
Gecko 1.9.1 and XUL 1,066  kmeleonsapprentice  08/19/2009 06:43PM 
Last Post by kmeleonsapprentice
Tab closure and search box 991  pat mcgroin  08/18/2009 06:09PM 
Last Post by JujuLand
selectable tab view 888  Frank  08/16/2009 08:08AM 
Last Post by caktus
layer bar scroll 720  professor_fate  08/11/2009 01:38PM 
Last Post by JujuLand
favorites and bookmarks 847  Noel  08/04/2009 08:40PM 
Last Post by guenter
Can I move the "Find in page" dialog box to the top of the browser? 984  Kameleon153  08/03/2009 10:38PM 
Last Post by JamesD
Suggestion : BACK and FORWARD submenu 1,322  mhf  08/02/2009 05:20AM 
Last Post by mhf
Bookmarks-window 759  keyboardwizard  07/31/2009 07:36PM 
Last Post by desga2
privacy methodology in Gecko 1.9 951  ndebord  07/28/2009 09:27AM 
Last Post by ndebord
Protocols 1,518  xGrind  07/28/2009 02:02AM 
Last Post by Yogi
Save pages in 'wiki' 1,102  12  panzer  07/18/2009 12:14AM 
Last Post by panzer
Fastdial function ... 878  michel  07/14/2009 12:58AM 
Last Post by michel
hey guys plx help me 947  tizoan  07/09/2009 09:47PM 
Last Post by tizoan
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