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K-Meleon 0.6 Release Notes

These release notes describe system requirements, installation instructions, features and known issue for K-Meleon 0.6. These release notes were last updated May 29, 2002. The most current version of these release notes are available at http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/docs/relnotes06.php


About K-Meleon
What's New, Improved and Fixed in This Release
System Requirements
Installation Notes
Known Problems
More Information


K-Meleon 0.6 is released under the GNU General Public License. K-Meleon uses the Gecko rendering engine developed for Mozilla which provides excellent support for current HTML, CSS and DOM standards. This version contains portions of Mozilla release 0.9.5.

The K-Meleon Team

Current Contributors:
Jeff Doozan - Developer
Brian Harris - Developer
Andrew Mutch - Documentation

Past Contributors:
Christophe Thibault - Developer
Sebastian Spaeth - Support


K-Meleon uses some bits from:
NSIS Installer (c) 2000 Nullsoft
Gecko and System Icon from Mozilla
SourceForge - Project hosting

What's New, Improved and Fixed in This Release


  • Ability to disable password manager
  • Ability to override "nonresizable" property of javascript windows
  • Auto proxy support
  • Clear Disk and Memory cache buttons
  • File uploading in web page
  • Macros plugin: Added setpref and togglepref options
  • Macros plugin: Ability to execute external program
  • -profilesDir $appdata command line option
  • -profilesDir C:\path_to_my_own_directory command line option
  • Toolbar plugin
  • Toolbar plugin supports text toolbars
  • Toolbar plugin supports disabled image lists
  • Tooltip support


  • Better sizing of tooltips
  • Enhanced preferences
  • Enhanced rebarmenu plugin
  • Profiles saved inside kmeleon directory
  • Rewrote bookmarks plugin (better editing, hot tracking)
  • Rewrote bmpmenu plugin to work properly
  • Rewrote Favorites plugin


The following problems have been fixed in version 0.6.

  • Bookmarks/Favorites commands (edit, add, etc) text needed to be translatable
  • Editing prefs.js in configs didn't save changes
  • Extended/International character support in menus
  • Favorites menu didn't escape amperstand in directories
  • EscapeAmperstands were probably leaking
  • Favorites toolbar crashed
  • History plugin needed to be updated to work with new toolbar
  • Loader didn't work with command line options
  • New toolbar plugin didn't do background image properly
  • -profilesDir and -P profile were not working together
  • "Save As" problems fixed
  • Toolbar and bmpmenu tranparency changed from 192,192,192 (gray) to 255,0,255 (magenta)
  • Toolbar positioning was messed up
  • Url didn't change when selecting address from dropdown in urlbar

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 32 MB RAM minimum
  • 4 MB of free hard disk space for download. 8 MB of free hard disk space for installation.
  • Users running Windows95 and/or versions of Internet Explorer older than 5.0 need to download and install the Common Control Library from Microsoft:

Installation Notes

1. If you have previously installed K-Meleon, make sure to uninstall the prior version before continuing the installation for this version.
2. It is recommended that you exit all programs before running the Setup program.
3.Double-click on kmeleon06.exe file to start the Setup process. At any time in the process you need to stop the K-Meleon installation, click on the Cancel button.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Setup program. When completed, K-Meleon will start automatically.


  • You must first install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run Java applets in K-Meleon. K-Meleon automatically detects your JRE installation and no other configuration is necessary.
  • K-Meleon has been tested with JRE 1.3.1. You can download JRE 1.3.1 from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/jre/download-windows.html. To see if JRE is properly installed, type about:plugins in the URL bar. If you see Java Plug-In and Java Virtual Machine for Netscape 6.x listed, K-Meleon properly recognizes the JRE.

Internationalization/Multi-Language Support

  • An add-on Language Pack is available for support for displaying pages in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We are continuing to work on expanding the range of languages displayed in the browser.
  • Translated menus and toolbar configuration files are available in the K-Meleon Resource area.


1. Go to Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.
2. Select K-Meleon (remove only).
3. Click on the Add/Remove button.
4. The K-Meleon Uninstall program will prompt you with a confirmation before uninstalling K-Meleon.
5. Click on the Close button to close out the uninstall program when it is completed.

Known Problems


  • Error messages on the first run on NT: "The ordinal 6880 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42.dll."

    This is solved by downloading the MFC42.dll from Microsoft. Download and install the Windows Libraries Update [http://www.microsoft.com/ntworkstation/downloads/Recommended/ServicePacks/MFCLibrary.asp].

Automatic Proxy Configuration

  • If you enable the automatic proxy configuration in the Proxy Configuration section, it will not work with the current 0.6 release. Two files that are required to enable this feature were not included in the release. See these instructions for the files to download to enable this feature if you need to use the automatic proxy configuration.


  • The Bookmarks feature will only display up to 1024 bookmarks. Additional bookmarks will not be imported or displayed

Browser Display

  • The text menus don't display when K-Meleon starts.
    Users with Windows95 and versions of Internet Explorer older than 5.0 need to download and install the Common Control Library from Microsoft:
  • The Alt + accelerator (F, E, V, G, H) won't work with the menu bar menus.
    You need to disable the rebar menu plugin to enable the Alt + accelerator key combinations. See How do I enable or disable a K-Meleon plugin? for more details.
  • Favorites menu takes a very long time to display
    Windows 2000 and XP users with the "Menu Fading" effect enabled may notice a significant delay in the display of Favorites menus containing many entries. To correct this, you can turn off menu fading by selecting Settings - Control Panel - Display - Effects. Under Visual Effects, uncheck the box labeled Use transition effects for menus and tooltips and click on Apply and then OK.
  • "Site X" doesn't display properly
    A site not displaying properly is normally caused by one of two issues:
    1. The site is not compliant with current HTML standards.
    2. The display problem is due to a Mozilla bug.
  • No menu when right clicking on some images
    This is a Mozilla bug where there is no context menu notification for image maps.

Mouse wheel scrolling

  • Mouse wheel scrolling does not work with all drivers. If you have problems, try updating your driver or disabling any "helper" programs that your mouse uses.


  • The Favorites feature will only display up to 512 Favorites. Additional Favorites will not be imported or displayed


  • Most Mozilla-compatible plugins work with K-Meleon. You can download Mozilla/Netscape-compatible plugins from Netscape here: http://home.netscape.com/plugins/index.html
  • Shockwave Player will only install if it sees a file named "Netscape.exe". Create a copy of the file kmeleon.exe and rename it to netscape.exe and place it in the same directory as kmeleon.exe. When Shockwave asks for the location of the plugins directory, use the following location:
    \Program Files\K-Meleon\plugins


  • K-Meleon can be configured to work properly with proxies such as Junkbuster that do not support the most recent HTTP specification. By default, K-Meleon tries to use HTTP 1.1. To use K-Meleon with a proxy that only supports HTTP 1.0, change the HTTP version under Edit - Preferences - General.
  • K-Meleon only accepts hostnames for manual proxies.

More Information

K-Meleon provides a number of resources to support your use of K-Meleon:

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