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Documentation - Customization - Flash Player 6


This page explains how to download and install Flash Player 6 on K-Meleon 0.7. This method also works with K-Meleon 0.6. You may want to print these instructions before proceeding with installing Flash Player.

You have two options for installing Flash Player 6 on K-Meleon. You can download and install Flash Player by itself. You can also download and install Shockwave Player which includes Flash Player. These instructions cover installing Flash Player 6 by itself. If you are using an older version of Flash, it is recommended to upgrade to Flash Player 6 on K-Meleon.


1. Open K-Meleon and browse to:

2. Click on the Download button.

3. On the page titled Macromedia Flash Player Download Center, click on the graphic Download Now. Below the "Download Now" button, it should indicate that your browser is "Netscape or Netscape-compatible". If it is indicating that you are using another browser, like Internet Explorer, make sure that you change your Browser Identification back to the Default setting.

4. When prompted to Save As, save the flashplayer6installer.exe onto your computer. Be sure to remember the download location that you selected. The download is 529 KB.


1. Close K-Meleon and go to the location where you saved the flashplayer6installer.exe file. Double-click the file to start the Install process. At any time in the process you need to stop the Flash Player installation, click on the Cancel button. Follow the instructions on the setup screens. The Flash Player Setup program will prompt you to exit out of all other applications including your web browser. When you have done that, click on the Next button to continue the installation.

2. The installer will next list any Netscape and/or Mozilla browsers installed on your computer. Click on the Other Browser... button to browse to the location of the K-Meleon plugins directory. Browse to this location:
C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\plugins

and click on Select.

Note: There is a directory labeled "kplugins". Do not install in that directory. That directory is where K-Meleon's internal plugins are stored.

3. The installer will copy the Flash Player files to your computer. You will then be prompted to finish the installation. Click on Finish.

4. You can also check to see if this plugin is installed by typing about:plugins in the K-Meleon location bar. If you see Shockwave Flash listed, K-Meleon properly recognizes your Flash installation.

5. Browse to your favorite Flash-enabled site and enjoy!

Last updated: November 7, 2002
Created: April 5, 2001

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