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K-Meleon 0.6 Enhancement Requests

Updated 11/22/2001

= General =

* Ability to disable request for plugins like Flash

* Checkbox on the search dialog to emulate the "I'm feeling lucky" button on the Google page

* CRTL + ENTER adds www. before and .com after a word in the URL bar

* Enhanced FTP support: uploads, etc.

* Integrated download manager

* Javascript debugger

* MIME-type for connecting via SSH protocal

* Help menu item for the GPL License that shows the GPL that K-Meleon is released under in the same box that the About K-Meleon info. appears. Also, be able to view this using "about: license" in the URL bar.

* Open files in default Windows viewers

* Printing: Support major choices like margins, size, print/no print background

* Print Preview

* Quiet install switch (unattended install)

* Readme.htm that pop ups the first time you install should be available again

typing about:relnotes or about:readme

* Save the whole page with iamges not just an htm* file.

* "Set as Wallpaper" on context menu

* Support Intellimouse back button

* Tabs

* Window position: remember where windows opens

* XML support

* XP style compliance

* XSLT support (need transformiix.dll and .xpt)

= Accelerators =

* Accelerators for "ID_OPEN_LINK_IN_NEW_WINDOW"

* Accelerators for "ID_SAVE_IMAGE_AS"

* Accelerator ID for "Up": Chop URL back to last "/"

* Accelerator ID for "ID_NAV_GO" to replicate "Go" button

* Back button mapped to ALT + <--

* CTRL - L = URL Bar

* CTRL - Z for text editing

* ID_NAV_MAILTO for calling the default mail compose screen with a button or keyboard command

= Bookmarks =

* Bookmarks in UTF-8 format

* %s in bookmarks

* Increase the bookmark limit

* Allow more than 16 colors for bookmark icons

= Cookies =

* Opt-in option instead of opt-out option for cookies

* Delete all cookies option

= Display =

* "Add Bookmark" in right-click menu (already can do with a macro)

* Ability to tab through page elements including URL bar

* Backspace goes back a page except in textarea field (like IE)

* Block images

* Block text styles

* Click on throbber should take you to K-Meleon homepage

* CTRL + click = Open new window

* CTRL + mousewheel to change font size

* Middlebutton + click = open new window

* Minimize all other windows

* Open in minimized Window option

* Placeholders for images

* Reload page with scripting enabled/disabled

* Shift and left-click (?)

* Shift and right-click (?)

* "Show Image" in context menu

* Show only this frame

* Use Windows scrollbar width

= Favorites =

* Mouse over down arrow causes list to automatically scroll like IE

* Show URL in status bar when mouse-over link in Favorites menu

= History =

* Ability to delete history

* History page with history links

* History side bar

* Navigate in cached content

* New windows share history of parent window

* Visited links

= Internet Explorer-style features =

* Backspace goes back a page

* Explorer style sidebars: History, Favorites, etc.

= Macros =

* Ability to create macro that would "opennew" when mouse hovers over link (?)

* Make current URL available to a macro

* Pass selected text to a macro

* Possibility of stacking ID commands in a macro

* Provide access to clipboard contents

* Visual indicator that macro is enabled/disabled/setting

= Mozilla-style features =

* Mozilla keywords

* Mozilla Links toolbar

* Mozilla sidebars

= Multi-Language support =

* Hebrew language pack

* Manually set and change text encoding

= Passwords =

* Ability to remember proxy password for one Windows session

* Ability to edit/view stored passwords

= Plugins =

* Links plugin for adding links

* Opera Bookmark Plugin

* Support for Accelerators in all plugins

= Preferences =

* Ability to specify domains that are exceptions to 'no cookies' and 'no javascript' or ' no images' in the way that it's now implemented for pop-up windows...

* Ability to remove underline in links (can be set in preferences)

* Ability to select different styles of fonts

* Focus on "Display" in Preferences sidebar, not on homepage, for non-mouse users

* New browser identification specifically for K-Meleon(with an agent string for it)

* Set preferred language (in Mozilla: Edit - Preferences - Navigator - Languages)

* Set throbber location (if clickable)

* Tab to edit the "user.js" file

= Toolbars =

* Ability to drag around Links to order them

* Ability to remove URL label from URL bar

* Ability to lock toolbars (like IE)

* Context menu like pre 0.5 K-Meleon for toolbars - also for Windows opened with Javascript

* Delete URLs from URL bar

* Go button

* Google toolbar

* IE-style font size button (can be done with macro now)/Font size option on toolbar

* Include IE's 32x32 icon set in the distribution

* Toggle images on/off button

* Toggle stop functionality to use either IE or Netscape-style stop function

* Tooltips on all toolbar buttons

* Tooltips defined in toolbar config file

* URL autocompletion

- IE style

- Mozilla style

* View - Encoding option

* When too many links in Links bar, provide IE-style ">>" dropdown menu

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