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Documentation - Reference - Bug Tracking

We are tracking relevant Mozilla bugs here. The listing of items here does not necessarily mean that it is a "bug" in that it will keep K-Meleon from working properly. Many of these items are for enhancement requests that would improve the functionality of K-Meleon.

Mozilla-based Bugs - Outstanding
Problem Description Status Bugzilla
Browser Display
Should use error page, not dialog, for inaccessible pages Users who have domain blocking are being bombarded with dialog boxes for domains not reached for ad sites Psroposed fix 28586
Enable/Disable CSS through the preferences Proposed fix 32372
Can't save Image from Image Map when over Link No proposed fix 60561
Visited link doesn't change color Global History function is not available in Embedded Mozilla. Proposed Fix

You can also copy the appcomps.dll and mork.dll from the Mozilla components directory into the K-Meleon components directory. Those files are available online.

No visible implementation of the TITLE attribute in MFCEmbed No "tooltip" display for TITLE tag No proposed fix 83582
MFCEmbed-Non-Ascii characters inside Alert, Prompt, and Comfirm dialogs do not display non-Ascii characters correctly in US system No proposed fix 92601
http::/blah should be rejected as an invalid uri A user who enters a URL improperly (i.e http::/blah) is not given any error message. No proposed fix 110880
MFCEmbed can't handle "mismatched" certificates MCFEmbed fails to properly handle certificates that don't come from the domain that you are browsing (or any SSL sites). proposed fix 113007
Gecko freezes MFCEmbed MFCEmbed’s UI will temporarily freeze every time it renders a page. Oncerendering is complete, MCDEmbed will become responsive again. Proposed fix 150801
MfcEmbed needs Character coding menu plus International font download/install support No proposed fix 86777
No font downloading for XP and 2000 No proposed fix 93982
Move HtmlForm.properties out of communicator chrome Location of chrome files causes them to be left out of embed builds Concept proposed 111339
Mozilla-based Bugs - Embedding Tracking Bugs
[META] Embedding API 1.0 todo list 70229
Embedding Dependencies 100107
Mozilla-based Bugs - Fixed
Problem Description Status Bugzilla
Non-existent files never reported as error Fixed 19073
No Print Preview feature Available on MFCEmbed 20943
Input type=reset or submit require the optional value attribute No prompt button appears Fixed 63607
Using Find doesn't alert user when completed searching When using the Find feature, a user is not alerted when the search is completed or if nothing is found. Fixed 82708
document.write not working for MFCEmbed Certain javascript methods don't work to open new window Fixed 88229
No error message for bad URL A user who enters a URL improperly (i.e http:///) is not given any error message. Fixed 89118
MfcEmbed does not show the Form method part File-upload form does not appear in web page Fixed 90749
New W3C CSS page hurts Mozilla Very poor response on this page: http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/ Fix checked in 98252
Focus changes windows when background window finally loads Reported fixed 105225
Directory listings shouldn't rely on libappcomps FTP directory display requires appcomps.dll file to display properly. Fixed: 2/20/2002 110760
No Context Menu on images that are linked If you right-click on a linked image or image map, not context menu appears. Fixed: 2/11/2002 111414
No View Frame Source in Context Menu If you right-click in a frame, there's no "view frame source" in the context menu. Fixed 111320
No Context Menu on javascript links Fixed 114427
Scan for plugins in their installation folders Fixed: 5/2/2002 133282

Last updated: July 5, 2002
Created: October 3, 2001

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