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K-Meleon 0.6 Bugs

Updated 11/21/2001

= Accelerators =

* Should use ATL + A to select Favorites, not ALT + F

= Bookmarks =

* Doesn't show bookmarks folder

= Display =

* Full-screen bug: With 2 windows open, hit F11 to full screen one window, then alt-tab to the other window, hit F11 to full screen (which needs to be hit twice at this point) the original window will not come out of full screen mode properly by hitting F11.

* If the tooltip flag pops up over an animated gif, the next frame of the gif overwrites the flag.

* Menu is almost unreadable in XP when using different theme option (silver). It seems related to bitmapped menues, when turned off and has standard menu, it works.

* Strange signs in Status Bar: The bar that shows the loading process of a page, sometimes fills with "#"s. It seems to be caused by locking/unlocking your computer so, when you got a k-meleon window focused, then lock your computer and then unlock it you see the "#"s in the loading process part of the status bar. If you changed the focused window or just change the window the # disappear (not while just moving the window). and it does happen to other windows of K-Meleon but just if they aren't minizimed. So if you got a full screen window of K-Meleon and a smaller window of K-Meleon in front you see the # in both.

* I am using Windows NT 4 with IE5.5 and all latest patches. I translated menus into Lithuanian language (windows-1257 (Baltic) enconding). In main menu (File Edit View...) specific (non-ASCII) Lithuanian characters are fine, but in each submenu and popup menu I get non-Lithuanian letters, that is, symbols having the same character code as in windows-1257 ones, but from windows-1252 (Western) encoding. E.g. instead of Lithuanian letter "a with ogonek" i get French letter "a with accent" (both have the same character code, but are different encodings. I have not tested it with Windows 9x or others. In all other programs Lithuanian letters are fine.

* 'The page you are trying to view contains POSTDATA that has expired from cache. If you resend the data, any action the form carried out ... will be

repeated. To resend the data, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel. The buttons I have say 'Yes' and 'No'.

* Look at a long webpage and select a link from the middle of the page. When you go back to the original page, it doesn't always return you to the same position in the page. I noticed this usually happens when you press 'back' before the new page is fully finished loading.

= Favorites =

* First folder considered parent folder

* Disable error warning message when more than 512 Favorites

* Displays folders and links as small icons in WinNT/2000/XP

= Focus =

* K-Meleon grabs focus every time a new URL loads

= Frames =

* Can't Open in New Window

* Can't Print

* Can't View Source

= FTP Support=

* Not working

[This can be fixed by copying over appcomps.dll from Mozilla 0.9.5 components directory into the K-Meleon components directory.]

= General =

* Back button sometimes ceases to work on framed pages

* Downloaded files sometimes disappear from the directory they were saved to, sometime after closing the download dialog and verifying that they actually are there.

* Frequent crashes when exiting K-Meleon after a multi-window session, never happens after a single-window session.

* If you try to save the about:blank or the about:plugis page, browser crashes

* Make Security icon transparent

* No display of dowload status when file saved with "Save Link As..." from context menu

* Not honoring dowload directory location "user_pref("kmeleon.general.saveDir", ".....")" when downloading

= HTTPS and SSL =

* Non-standard certificates not recognized

* Make Security icon transparent

= Macros =

* Toggling image behavior with 'togglepref' macro behaves strangely on some pages, sometimes reloading the entire page _without_ showing images. It also has problems on pages with frames.

= Preferences =

* Prefs.js: Changes in file don't seem to be taking

* Some of the windows (particularly prefs) in the 'configs' section of the preferences dialog don't seem to save changes when you ask them to

= Profiles =

* This is dealing with a profile (ealar) made from being default (haven't tested other scenarios yet) and switching to him, then switching back and forth (w/o reloading everything manually yet, since thats a real pain to do on this machine). Problem was persistant, whenever I 'loaded' a profile it would not display correctly.


:click -> Edit

:click -> Manage Profiles

:click -> (diffrent profile than current)

:click -> OK

:click -> YES (to reinit everything)

:(windows reinit's and stuff)

:(all Menu Icons are poof!)

= Proxy =

* Automatic Proxy Configuration URL does not work.

[This can be fixed by copying over "jsloader.dll" and "nsProxy AutoConfig.js" from Mozilla 0.9.5 components directory into the K-Meleon components directory.]

= Toolbars =

* Accelerators shortcuts only select menu, they don't cause the menu to dropdown the menu (when rebar is installed)

* Next Window (F7) and Previous Window (Shift + F7) should be Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab

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