Summary: Macro method opennew() incorrectly redirected to empty tab
Creator:JujuLand Date:2008-03-08 09:14:52
Project:Plugin - Macros Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open Severity:Normal
Version:1.5a2 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.1.4

With tabs kplugin, when K-Meleon has no tab opened (only one about:blank), all the xul extensions, except kmprefs which must open in a window mode, open in the current tab.

I haven't the problem with 1.5a1PRE, but with layers instead of tabs, so I think the reason is tabs plugin.

kko  2008-03-27 13:51:28
When there's only one empty tab in the current window, the macro method opennew(<url>) does not open <url> in a new window. Instead, <url> is redirected to the empty tab.

Affected: MIME Types Editor, Console2, kmPrefs (except Edit > Preferences, which is an ID command) and the Certificate Viewer. (NewsFox is set to open in a new tab.)

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
[Changed Summary from "Incorrect open mode for xul extensions with tabs kplugins" to "Macro method opennew() incorrectly redirected to empty tab"]
[Changed Project from "K-Meleon" to "Plugin - Macros"]
dorian  2008-04-08 10:34:55
That's by design (I always wanted to say it!)
But dialog have to be openend in a new window, which should be fixed in 1.5b1

JujuLand  2008-04-09 13:02:28
Seems to be ok with 1.5b1


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