Summary: Problems with invalid images
Creator:kko Date:2008-01-30 02:38:41
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open Severity:Normal
Version:1.1.3 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.1.3

(Original report:,60195,77484#msg-77484)

K-Meleon 1.1.3 and 1.5a1 crash on this page:

This page embeds an invalid image (

SeaMonkey 1.1 displays the page without this embedded image - its alt text is shown instead. When clicking one of the links to the invalid image, an empty page with the following (or similar) message is shown:
The image "" could not be loaded because it contains errors.

K-Meleon first displays the page whithout images. Then one of the following happens:
A) A Microsoft Visual C++ Library Runtime error message is shown.
B) The browser is loading ad infinitum (there is an orphaned outgoing connection). Newly opened pages don't load either. The browser just indicates loading but doesn't seem to do anything.

kko  2008-01-30 02:41:43
Crash report submitted for K-Meleon 1.1.3.
dorian  2008-03-08 08:10:42
Crashing in the middle of the gecko image decoder. Why? I don't know, maybe a problem with the build process. There shouldn't be any difference with seamonkey/firefox.
siria  2009-11-24 20:17:59
Win98SE / KM 1.5.3

Maybe fixed already? :-)

First image link doesn't crash for me, and the image on the page is just a big gray field, text inside:
Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters

The second image link opens a huge empty placehoder, text inside as described above:
....could not be loaded because it contains errors.
disrupted  2009-11-30 20:03:52
causes a crash in xp but on windows 98 there's no crash and i also get the same error messages reported by siria.. either 9x is immune, or the kmeleon 9x binary isn't affected
disrupted  2009-11-30 20:07:58
furthermore.. firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and seamonkey 1.8 display error messages without crash.
disrupted  2009-11-30 20:12:08
sorry..the image links posted by kko do not cause the crash..testing with another url

crash report sent with ticket 838
disrupted  2009-12-04 12:02:45
this 'very big images' crash bug seems to be fixed when the latest desga/gunter unofficial patch is applied, sp it should be fixed naturally in next release 1.5.4

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