Summary: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup
Creator:JujuLand Date:2007-12-20 04:12:34
Project:K-Meleon Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5a1 Target Version:1.5b1

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.1.3

Full screen as on exit works
Windows size as on exit doesn't work

The pref is changed and is the same as in Preferences, but K-Meleon when opening doesn't care about it.

kko  2008-01-02 08:19:24
Km 1.5a2 wasn't released yet.

As far as I remember, this is an old issue - not related with tabs and/or sessions.

Make sure you don't start with the last session (or any 'maximized' session) in order to reproduce this.
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JujuLand  2008-01-04 01:24:18
I never had the problem with layers before.

Here are the verifications I have made:

Open the following session at startup > unchecked
No session in the list (no sessions saved)

Start with HomePage > checked (readme.html)

Maximized set to 'Always' or 'As on Exit'
Fullscreen set to 'Never' or 'As on exit'

I confirm the problem with two versions (XP and w9x versions)

If I use (on another computer) the tool JStart, and I force the parameter of the shortcut to 'Open maximized', when I launch with JStart, K-Meleon opens maximized. Funny, no?

JujuLand  2008-01-14 11:03:09
That's now ok with build b22

JujuLand  2008-02-17 07:16:19
That's in fact not ok with b22, and too with b23.

If 'Ask at Startup' is checked, it works, else not.

Perhaps a link with
[url=] bug 981[/url]
JujuLand  2008-03-06 03:54:30
No link with the bug 981, bug 966 is always here without external.dll

dorian  2008-03-08 08:04:27

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