Summary: K-Meleon crash when using keyboard tabbing shortcuts while location bar has focus
Creator:Googer Date:2007-10-25 08:06:15
Project:K-Meleon Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5a1 Target Version:1.5a2

User-agent: Firefox/

When the 'browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled' option is set to false, K-Meleon crashes if you ctrl-tab / ctrl-alt-tab while the location / URL bar has focus.

dorian  2007-10-25 11:01:39

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Fixed"]
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "dorian"]
[Changed Version from "1.5a2" to "1.5a1"]
[Changed Target from "" to "1.5a2"]

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