Summary: G- Mail is not working
Creator:sethu2641 Date:2007-05-08 03:26:04
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Closed - Invalid Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

in K-Meleon browser not working
pls slove the problem

rmn  2007-05-10 00:34:57
Can you explain in what way it doesn't work?
TotoBinz  2007-08-22 00:57:43
When trying to connect to, I finally get a timeout on
Of course, this does not occur whith IE or Firefox.

As someone told me in the forum, I tried changing the user-agent from the menu, but with no change.

I am currently running K-meleon 1.1.2 FR

Is there any log or dump I could send you ?
TotoBinz  2007-08-22 01:06:15
Same problem with
rmn  2007-08-22 03:20:32
TotoBinz, there's something wrong with your connection, possibly only on HTTPS pages.

Could you link to the forum thread you mentioned? I'd like to know the whole story.
TotoBinz  2007-08-22 04:16:00
Here it is :,72189,73951#msg-73951

Not sure you will get much info.
Are you able to connect to those sites ?
rmn  2007-08-22 06:34:12
Yes both work fine here. Could you try other HTTPS pages like and ?

If both fails, try checking the SSL proxy setting in Edit->Preferences->Proxy, and if that looks alright (i.e. empty, normally), you may want to try using the en_US version.
TotoBinz  2007-08-22 07:06:42
Both failed, and when I checked the proxy settings, I realized that I have to setup the proxy address and port for each protocol (in other browser, there is a tick to fill-in all the fields with the main data).

Now, every thing is working fine.

Thank you very much.
rmn  2007-08-22 07:46:51
OK, great. Closing the bug because the original reporter is not responding.

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Closed - Invalid"]

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