Summary: WinXP Prof SP2 application error while opening K-meleon 1.01
Creator:Haos Date:2006-08-16 07:05:13
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Closed - Invalid Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

I had overwritten 0.8.2 version with 1.0, unpacked from 7z archive file (downloaded from your sourceforge website). Then, i`ve applied 1.01 patch. Now when i try to run K-meleon, an application error appears.

Error signature:
AppName: k-meleon.exe
ModName: webbrwsr.dll
Offset: 0000308d

Memory dump available at:

guenter  2006-08-16 12:22:42
1.01 Update only compatible with 1.0.
Bug not in k-m but in FAQ.s.
They are not updated.

btw. Sorry about Your forum post.

dorian  2006-08-16 14:49:14
Use the installer (and preferably read the release notes)

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Closed - Invalid"]

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