Summary: Leak in Bookmarks Toolbar consumes resources
Creator:leggewie Date:2004-03-25 08:41:11
Project:Plugin - Bookmark Owner:Ulf
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Using KM on English Windows98

When I open a lot of layers (20+), not surprisingly KM starts to consume more and more ressources (as indicated by rsrcmtr.exe). Unfortunately, these ressources are not released upon closure of individual layers. The only way to recoup the ressources is to exit KM. But my impression is that even exiting KM does not release 100% of the ressources previously consumed by KM.

It appears that when ressources get below the 15% level there is a greatly increased danger of the display bug as recorded in bug 315 to occur.

jsnj  2004-03-25 09:31:57
I used to experience very similar behavior with v0.7 as reported in bug 480 and at the time attributed it to the layers plugin, but I haven't experienced it since v0.8. I do however still experience bug 315.
leggewie  2004-03-25 10:00:54
This is for version 0.8.2 (the upgraded version, not the direct install)
Marc  2004-04-01 08:03:22
leggewie, do you use the bookmark toolbar?
It really looks like the resources leak in the bookmarks plugin.

Can you do a test with that toolbar disabled? Hiding the bar is not enough, you must disable it in the plugin config.
Report here when done.
leggewie  2004-04-18 03:49:20
Hi Marc,

thanks for the great tip. It appears that indeed the bookmarks plugin is the culprit. When I deactivate it, I cannot reproduce the problem whereas it is reproducible all of the times that this plugin is running.
leggewie  2004-04-18 06:46:26
mozilla bug 204374 and mozilla bug 205893 talk about the cache being related to this. 205893 has recently been marked fixed after a patch had been checked in (comment 84).
amutch  2004-11-26 21:18:39
Resetting title and attributes.
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leggewie  2004-12-14 01:07:17
Gone from 0.9.b3
Ulf  2005-01-25 11:45:29
Fix confirmed by reporter.

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Closed"]

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