Summary: Word Search bugzilla.redhat mysteriously fails
Creator:Nick Date:2004-01-12 11:54:54
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Do a word search (try 'out of memory').

Everytime the page defaults to an error page as if no input was in the text box.

I have tried under Netscape and IE identities. Can confirm it works with IE and mozilla firebird on xp (third party test - not me).

Strangely a bug # search works (try 12345).


Nick  2004-01-12 11:59:04
Also works with Konq on Linux
Hook  2004-01-12 12:22:06
Same behavior observed with KM 0.8.2 on Windows 2000.
rmn  2004-01-14 02:20:14
The page works well with Firebird 0.6 (Mozilla 1.4b, Gecko/20030516), so we'll have to see if 1.5 broke this.
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
Marc  2004-01-19 05:43:37
OK, found the problem.

Again missing components files. This times at least 3.


and the last file missing in the "necko_" serie (compared to Mozilla).


We don't seems to need it now, but I think we should also include it.

A zip file containing these files is available here:
Marc  2004-01-19 05:48:05
As usual, the method to install the files is:

 - stop KM
 - go into KM's "components" directory
 - unzip the 4 files there
 - delete "compreg.dat" and "xpti.dat"

That's it.

I have a remark.
This is the second bug solved by adding missing components. I think we should write a wiki page explaining how a user can fix his installation. I also think that, if this page is created, it should also be linked from the homepage. From the "latest news" section for example.
I think it's important. Don't you ?
Nick  2004-01-19 09:59:16
I am sorry to say it doesn't fix it for me :(

I still get the error page.

Marc  2004-01-19 10:12:55
Did you close KM?
Did you delete the 2 files ? ("compreg.dat" and "xpti.dat")

Have you applied correction to bug 620 ? (I have not tried if that fix is also needed here. Maybe)

As a last resort you can erase your cache to prevent KM from using an old page.

Anyway. The solution mentionned above works for me. It should for you too.
Nick  2004-01-19 10:54:07
Yes, I installed files correctly.

I just also got the file mentioned in #620, cleared cache (I only use memory cache anyway) and as good measure, deleted history also.

I still get the problem.

Marc  2004-01-19 16:33:22
I don't understand.
Verify this:

 - You are using the correct directory (if KM has been installed several times)
 - The "components" directory is in KM's main directory, and is filled with 112 files (counting compreg.dat and xpti.dat)
 - you're copying the 5 files (1 for bug 620, and 4 here) _uncompressed_ in that directory
 - you're deleting "compreg.dat" and "xpti.dat", and verifying that they are indeed erased. (no error message whatsoever about "locked files"...)
 - when you type "javascript: typeof(window.controllers)" in the urlbar, what do you get?
Nick  2004-01-19 22:39:42
Yes... all confined.

And I get:


Nick  2004-01-20 02:19:15
OK, I just messed about here at work - exactly the same problem still for me on the bugzilla site.

I noticed it uses 'method get', and the 'text' that is 'got' seems to be treated as numeric -i.e. like this result page AFTER doing a search:


(*)typo in last post 'confined == confirmed'.
JujuLand  2004-01-22 11:50:31
I had the same message after adding xuldoc.xpt and the four files.

 The 'bug number' is invalid. It is neither a bug number nor an alias to a bug number. If you are trying to use QuickSearch, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser. To help us fix this limitation, add your comments to bug 70907.

Is it the bug ??
JujuLand  2004-01-22 11:52:47
I forget to say that it was with a complete 0.8.2 install (not SP)
Marc  2004-01-22 17:06:47
OK, this time I've found the complete solution. :)

Somehow a file has been added/created in my profile. Probably when I was playing with chrome to fix the layout of the javascript console (or maybe when playing with the french chrome files).
Anyway I have a file named "panels.rdf" in my profile directory. In Mozilla and Firebird it contains informations about the sidebar (which KM doesn't use).
In a new KM installation I've created an empty "panels.rdf" file in the profile directory and added the 4 missing files (+1 for previous js bug) - they are still needed to fix this bug. It corrects this bug.

It seems that the components files using "panels.rdf" can't work if it doesn't exist.

Another note: if you like playing with profiles, also add "panels.rdf" to KM's "\defaults\profile\".
Existing profiles need a manual copy.
Nick  2004-01-23 03:06:47
Nope, still fails the word search.

I think you are getting led astray here Marc. It has nothing to do with sidebars or anything else; KM passes the search critia to the server flagged as numeric data even when its text data.

Nick  2004-01-23 03:16:19

OK, with an 'empty' panels.RDF it still fails. So I searched, found the content, added, and it now works.

Here is the content of panels.RDF

So, to recap. Add the 4 files plus bug 620. Then create panels.RDF with that content in profiles directory.

Marc  2004-01-23 04:36:55
This is a weird because.

 - I've installed a blank new KM 0.8.2
 - hidden old installation (KM Moz FB, and their profiles) elsewhere, so that files can't be found using a path stored somewhere.
 - installed the 5 components
 - installed in "Profiles\default\whatever.slt\" a file named "panels.rdf" with size 0.

And this is enough to solve this bug.

You can try this by simply creating a new profile, and using a empty file with it.
Nick  2004-01-23 07:07:35
It's a weird reaction. Now it is working, I made panels.RDF an empty file, and it still works - I thought maybe when you delete the *.dat files in /components/ it uses the data in panels.RDF to rebuild them correctly when KM starts, but it doesn't...

Still, at least it works now.

I will test again tonight on my machine at home.

Thanks for the time you spent on this.

Nick  2004-01-23 11:44:17
OK, the empty file worked at home! I dunno why, as I have identical (effectively) setups at work and home.

I would suggest to retain all those files and a complete panels.RDF to close this bug... all those files _must_ fix other, as yet unknown, bugs.

Thanks Marc,

JujuLand  2004-01-26 00:50:57
Same problem:

0.8.2 complete
Java 1.4.1_01 updated to 1.4.2_03
New profile
dat + xpi deleted
panels in defaults + new profile

Win 2000 pro sp2
rmn  2006-01-14 23:25:35
Seems OK in 0.9.12.
guenter  2006-01-19 06:55:48
Seems OK in K-MeleonSM1.0b4 ME
rmn  2006-01-19 20:39:33

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Closed"]

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