Summary: Bookmark file change not applied immediately, causing dataloss
Creator:pepp5 Date:2003-12-30 11:29:19
Project:Plugin - Bookmark Owner:dorian
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Here is a Data loss/bookmarks loss bug with K-Meleon 0.82. I originally got this upon new installation over an existing K-Meleon installation. These are steps to reproduce the same situation and bug after an installation.

1)Make sure no web browser is running
2)Make K-Meleon point to a non-existing bookmark file, editing prefs.js.
- point to bookmarksxxx.html or some other non-existing file.
3)Run K-Meleon

Alert: "Your existing booksmarks file cannot be found, would you like to
locate this file now?"
(Press no to create a new bookmarks file)

4)Press Yes
5)Cancel the open dialog

Alert: "K-Meleon will create a new, empty bookmark file for you"

6)Hit OK button
7)Go to Bookmarks menu / config

The Netscape Bookmark Settings dialog displays.

8)Click the "..." button to select this file:
C:\<path>\<Mozilla_profile>\bookmarks.html. This should direct K-Meleon
to use this already-existing bookmarks file for its bookmarks.
9)Click OK on Netscape Bookmarks Settings dialog
10)Click on Bookmarks menu

Existing bookmarks from the just-selected Mozilla bookmarks.html file display
in the Bookmarks menu.

No bookmarks appear at all.

11)Go to Bookmarks menu / Add. This places the current page in the bookmarks
menu. I believe this is the action that does the data-loss bookmark file
12)Quit K-Meleon
13)Run mozilla
14)Open bookmarks menu.

Mozilla bookmarks appear, untouched. There was no warning that any file would
be deleted or overwritten, so there is no reason to believe these bookmarks
would be gone.

Bookmarks menu lost all mozilla bookmarks, only the one I added in
K-Meleon is present

This problem would be greatly lessened if K-Meleon at least preserved files as file.bak via copying files to file.bak before overwriting or creating any new data files.

- pepp5

Ulf  2004-03-02 13:59:38
Still unconfirmed? Should be easy to fix if the path to reproduce is correct.. I'll try to look at it one day.
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "Ulf"]
pepp5  2005-01-18 22:00:53
10+ months later, any word on this data-loss bug? The results of this bug is bad news for people trying out K-Meleon...

- pepp
Ulf  2005-01-25 11:56:18
This bug is still not confirmed by a single tester.

[Changed Owner from "Ulf" to ".Nobody"]
rmn  2006-01-22 07:11:21
An easier bug description:


Summary: Bookmark file change not applied immediately, causing dataloss

Two bugs, but the second can only occur after the first. These bugs are not present in the Hotlist plugin.


Selecting another bookmark file (Bookmarks -> Config -> Bookmarks File) does not change the list of bookmarks displayed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Prepare 2 *different* (i.e., don't just copy one) bookmark files: bookmarks.html (selected in prefs.js) and bookmarks2.html.
2. Run K-Meleon.
3. Change the bookmark file to bookmarks2.html (Bookmarks -> Config -> Bookmarks File).

Expected behavior:
The Bookmarks menu and toolbar show the bookmarks from bookmarks2.html.

Actual behavior:
The menu and toolbar still show the old bookmarks from bookmarks.html.


If we then add an entry, the second file gets overwritten.

4. Add a bookmark entry.

bookmarks2.html is now overwritten with entries from bookmarks.html plus the new entry (you can check by exiting and re-running K-Meleon).
rmn  2006-01-22 07:12:55
Marking Fixed based on
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Fixed"]
rmn  2006-01-23 04:31:20
Hm, the toolbar still shows the old bookmarks.
[Changed Status from "Fixed" to "Open"]
rmn  2006-01-23 18:06:59

[Changed Summary from "Mozilla Bookmarks file gets overwritten when using that file." to "Bookmark file change not applied immediately, causing dataloss"]
dorian  2006-02-12 07:44:53

[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "dorian"]
dorian  2006-04-20 05:00:38
The dataloss is fixed. The problem with the toolbar is a different bug.
[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
rmn  2007-05-10 01:25:50

[Changed Status from "Fixed" to "Closed"]

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