Summary: Crash when activating a new frame while focus not on KM window
Creator:Marc Date:2003-12-15 09:19:04
Project:K-Meleon Owner:Ulf
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

First, verify that javascript is enabled.

I use an url from an example in the forums.
The steps are:
 - in urlbar type: don't hit enter yet
 - place your mouse pointer over windoze's task bar, over an empty space.
 - hit enter "urlbar" has the focus. And _immediately_ left-click the task bar. Do nothing more

KM will crash. Almost immediate here.
KM does not crash if javascript is disabled. mfcembed does not crash in any circumstance.

The site opens a popup, maybe it's related to the crash? Since we don't see the new window when KM crashes.

Ulf  2003-12-16 07:32:08
Can't reproduce. The "popup" is a full browser window at the url:

I'm using a fresh profile without any changes from the default.
ra  2003-12-16 07:49:53
Try that one from Nick, crashes instantly - at least here. (Source

"Here's how to recreate a crash.

Find a page that takes a while to load (this one here for me ) - as you need the time to minimise KM.

As soon as you load it, minimise KM very quickly. It will crash when the page finally does load."

Paste the URL, hit enter and immediately minimize KM, go on working with your other apps. => KM crashes when starting to load the page with a fault in k-meleon.exe.
Marc  2003-12-16 08:37:26
You're correct. I've said "popup" but I meant "a new window".

One question. Did KM lost the focus before the 2nd window opened?

Your tests crash my KM too.
Ulf  2003-12-17 01:13:38
Thanks, the football site works. err.. crashes ;-)
It has nothing to do with javascript though?
Marc  2003-12-17 02:28:15
> It has nothing to do with javascript though?

You're correct. But it had to do in my first test. It's purely coincidental because the crash is connected with the opening of 2nd window (in that particular test), and the window can only open if javascript is enabled. ;)

One side note. "KM crash while minized" is not reproducible with 0.8.0b844 (tested it after seeing a comment in the forums).
bugchaser  2003-12-17 03:48:23
Maybe this narrows down the problem.
Test site
You have to choose a language to continue.

Once done this is my test sequence.
I go to the page.
I immediately minimize K-M which is the only program running.
I wait a while.
I don't have a crash and when I maximize the page is loaded.

Second trial
I go to the page again.
I let the page load a short while and then I minimize.
A moment later K-M (which still is the only program running) crashes.

This is reproducable every time.

Ulf  2003-12-17 12:00:41
It's due to old clumsy code used in a new way. Easy to fix though. I'll commit a patch for this.

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