Summary: BTS should include closed bugs for 30 days
Creator:leggewie Date:2003-12-15 08:32:17
Project:The Website Owner:Ulf
Status:Closed Severity:RFE
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

When one of my bugs is closed, it completely disappears from my personal page I think they should stay there maybe all the way on the bottom in a separate section but nonetheless accessible so I can confirm they have been closed. These days I have to remember to look up all my bugs from the search page from time to time which is a pain.

jsnj  2003-12-15 09:22:12

[Changed Severity from "Normal" to "RFE"]
Ulf  2003-12-16 01:33:14
I like that idea.
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "Ulf"]
Ulf  2003-12-16 07:06:26
Closed bugs are still listed for a week now.
[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
leggewie  2003-12-16 09:20:32
Ulf, thanks. It is a great helper for people willing to report bugs. I'd like to ask - if I may - whether extending the period just a tad longer is possible.
Ulf  2003-12-20 07:17:59
It's now 30 days for watched bugs, 14 days for reported bugs, and 3 days for the bug owner ( I prefer to keep my list short ;-)
leggewie  2003-12-22 12:18:04
Thanks, for me these times are sufficient.
leggewie  2004-03-19 07:05:27
Well, actually fixed bugs do not seem to disappear at all - and that's a tad too long ;-)
ra  2005-01-22 18:44:44

the bugs have to be marked as "closed", then they will vanish. :-)
rmn  2005-01-24 05:38:21
Since everyone's satisfied, I think this can be closed.
[Changed Status from "Fixed" to "Closed"]
rmn  2006-02-07 19:53:06

[Changed Severity from "(Temporary)" to "RFE"]

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