Summary: Some webpages w/Java & JavaScript problematic
Creator:Nick Date:2003-11-28 11:05:01
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Using \Java\j2re1.4.2_01

The page here:

Works... sort of. Try to increase the 'range' with the radio buttons along the bottom, nothing happens (works in IE, of course :/ ). Several other features do not work also.

Not sure what sort of 'bug' this is, but posted here JIC.


jsnj  2003-11-28 13:58:21
Works properly in MfcEmbed & Mozilla.

Some other sites that work correctly in MfcEmbed & Mozilla but not K-Meleon include: - Changing userAgent doesn't help.

& - userAgent must be changed in KM for the links to work. No userAgent changing is needed in MfcEmbed & Mozilla.
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Ulf  2003-12-17 02:03:05
If the problem is with sites that uses *both* Java and Javascript there is a chance that this is related to bug 578 (which has a much more precise description of a problem).

General reports of the kind: "this page doesn't work" or "my browser crashes" seldom lead to a fix. Help us find the reason.

When the user agent string must be altered it is possible that the server tries to detect the browser. Can you save the full web-page received by Mozilla/mfcEmbed and compare it with the one received through K-Meleon? Can you open the page received through Mozilla in K-Meleon? The only difference with our UA-string is that we have a brand tag. What if you remove that one?
jsnj  2003-12-19 15:17:38
"Can you open the page received through Mozilla in K-Meleon?"

In the case of the ESPN links, no. When is saved with mfcembed, the htm file can be viewed in mfcembed & IE but not KM unless UA is set to IE. No other UA strings work.
Nick  2003-12-22 01:43:15
I have just installed the beta SP for 8.1

It all works now on that example page I gave above!

Also, as Ulf specified, bug 578 is also resolved.

Good work :)

jsnj  2003-12-22 16:09:56
The example pages I gave still don't work in the latest 0.8.2beta though & they do in mfcembed, so I guess it can remain open until we can figure out why K-Meleon doesn't render them.
jsnj  2003-12-23 21:42:47
Ref ESPN, from the forums:

"It looks like a case of bad coding, AFAICT. Check out the third script block in the source (with the "BROWSER CHECK" comment)...they are sniffing browsers by useragent (more specifically, by the appVersion property of the navigator object) instead of by checking for DOM / object / method's a really bad way of sniffing and almost always fails in some case or other -- especially if you only allow for three 'supported' cases. I'm not sure if it is intentional or not, but either way it's definitely bad form.

You may be able to fool it by disabling JavaScript to get the real URL of the page you wish to view, then enabling it and navigating to the URL manually. It's a bit kloodgy, but I don't think there is anything the KM devs can do about it, directly; I think one would have to hack on the JS engine in the Mozilla source to change what the navigator.appVersion property returns (though I could be mistaken about that)."


Nick  2003-12-23 22:28:56
It works for me! You have to be patient - it takes awhile for all the java to load. Then all the javascript stuff works - but again, after doing something, wait a while to see result.

Ulf  2003-12-24 05:39:01
I can access a saved copy of
if I replace their dated ua.js with a newer one from:

Basicly they "detect" Gecko by:
  if (typeof(window.controllers) != 'undefined' && typeof(window.locationbar) != 'undefined')
instead of with:
  if (ua.indexOf('gecko') != -1)

The first fail in K-Meleon, the second works well. anyone know why? Can we "fix" it?

This is the same problem as bug 510.
Shall we dupe this? Who contacts the site owners?
jsnj  2003-12-24 09:11:06
What about and other Yahoo slideshows which work in mfcembed, the 2 other Mozillas & MonkeeSage's KM builds. Unlike ESPN, changing the UA doesn't help on those. Does anyone know why?
jsnj  2003-12-25 19:25:42
The fix for ESPN & Yahoo is explained in bug 620.
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