Summary: popup window is opened in 3 steps instead of 1
Creator:Marc Date:2003-11-07 18:30:42
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

In any program, when a new window is opened, the program has the control on the appearance of the new window (size and position).
With popup, KM has the same controls and get the appearance values from the javascript code.
But unfortunately, instead of opening the new window directly with these values, it uses the current KM window values (step 1). Then move the window to the correct position (step 2), and finally, modifies the size (step 3).
You can see a screenshot showing this behavior here:

And a more thorough explanation must be read here:
(in front of image 7)

jsnj  2003-11-10 23:33:18

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Fixed"]
Marc  2003-11-14 05:53:12
This bug should be reopened (see bug 565).
Many collateral damage has been done due to how it has been fixed.

See bugs 556, 550, 563, 564.
Ulf  2003-11-29 13:17:04
What do you mean by "due to how it has been fixed"? Did you ever look at:

I am capable of creating completly new bugs ;-)
Marc  2003-11-29 14:01:08
> What do you mean by "due to how it has been fixed"?
There is a coincidence of effect after the "fixing" of this bug, and many problems with popups.
Now instead of a popup opened in 3 visible steps, it is opened offscreen (@ 3000,3000) with width and height set to 0. If KM is set to allow resize of all windows, the "popup bar" immediately appears @ 0,0

We found the 3000,3000 value in the "throbber vanished" bug. And other bugs related to size of popup: smaller than expected, by several pixels, or left as a "popup bar".

> Did you ever look at:
How would I know where to look ? I've never touched KM source code (not that I wouldn't like). :)

> I am capable of creating completly new bugs ;-)

I'm sure you can.

So what is it? A new bug by correcting this particular bug? Or a separate bug?
Ulf  2003-11-29 14:46:30
The bugs were introduced when adding support for the various

For some reason I also changed most of the logic to give a new window its size (the old code didn't make much sense when popups and regular windows were separated). It turned out that someone had overloaded the create function and that it no more supported the normal CW_USEDEFAULT value for undefined sizes and positions.

All is well now. I think..
Marc  2003-11-29 14:56:58
Ah OK.

In fact it is/was a far broader problem.

> All is well now. I think..
Usually, where can we download "beta" builds. Do you make them available?
I know the rc were...

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