Summary: Put in Wiki: Running K-Meleon from a CD
Creator:big_gie Date:2003-11-01 07:27:54
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When burning K-Meleon to a CD to be able to run it on another computer WITHOUT anything written to the HD, K-Meleon looks for absolute path for plugins, themes, etc. wich it shouldn't do because its on another computer and a profile is present on the CD.

What happen when run from the CD on my computer (where k-meleon is installed):
-Dialog "Plugin found" (Fullscreen plugin, would you like to load this plugin now?)
-Dialog "Plugin found" (Layered plugin)
-Dialog "Plugin found" (Macro plugin)

If the profile files arent in the root directory of K-meleon, it crashes at this stage.

If the profile files are presents, K-Meleon load with default settings.

Version 0.8.0 Build 834 Compiled Mon Oct 27 18:42:51 2003

Same problem on 0.7.1

Ulf  2003-11-07 02:38:22
What is the bug and/or request?

It sounds more as if you search for help though.. I suggest you try SUBST (available in DOS since version 3).

Something like this might work:

  C:\> SUBST W: "C:\Program Files"
  (install kmeleon under W:)
  C:\> W:\K-Meleon\k-meleon.exe
  (burn your cd)

  C:\> SUBST W: D:\
  C:\> W:\K-Meleon\k-meleon.exe

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big_gie  2004-01-17 07:39:18
I've made it! :)

K-meleon running from the CD, without HD interaction... here's how:

1- Grab KM, install to lets say C:\KM
2- make your own configuration. Options should be in C:\KM\profiles\default\xxxxxxx.slt\Pref.js
3- Copy this file to C:\KM\defaults\pref
4- Copy the C:\KM\profiles\default\xxxxxxx.slt\macro.cfg, C:\KM\profiles\default\xxxxxxx.slt\menu.cfg and C:\KM\profiles\default\xxxxxxx.slt\accel.cfg to the root folder of KM: C:\KM\
5- delete these 2 files:
6- delete C:\KM\Profiles
7- delete C:\KM\defaults\profiles

You should now have a standalone K-Meleon browser that should run from a CD...

please test it and post your comments/addition/questions...

Please have a look @ for more info.
guenter  2006-01-18 22:38:31
well done - maybe move to wiki?
rmn  2006-01-19 17:06:32
RFE then.
[Changed Severity from "Low Priority" to "RFE"]
[Changed Summary from "Running K-Meleon from a CD" to "Put in Wiki: Running K-Meleon from a CD"]
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guenter  2006-01-24 12:46:23
I checked in Forum about this.
The application existed but the download link was not in place any more.

Fred should inspect this and add his comments. Then this ready 0.9 for
cd could probably go to wiki ;-)

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