Summary: Layers Plugin Hogs System Resources
Creator:jsnj Date:2003-07-19 16:33:38
Project:Plugin - Layers Owner:Ulf
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

I posted about this in the forums in June but forgot to post here:

Windows system resources percentage goes down upon the opening of each new layer but does not go back up when closing that layer. So during the course of a browsing session, having opened and closed many layers, but now just viewing 1 open layer, the system resources can be below 10%. This is not the case with new KM windows. The percentage does go back up when closing a window.

My completely uneducated guess is that closing each layer doesn't actually close it but just hides it until exiting out of KM completely. I don't know if this is assumed behavior from the layer plugin by design, or a design flaw, but it requires the user to exit KM prematurely if multiple layers are continually opened and closed.

Tested using TclockEx on Win98

jsnj  2003-09-21 11:49:18
I've not encountered this bug in the beta. Perhaps it was a 1.2b problem.
jsnj  2003-10-14 06:54:06

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Fixed"]
rmn  2006-01-26 21:17:01

[Changed Status from "Fixed" to "Closed"]

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