Summary: K-Meleon doesn't add "http://" in URL-line
Creator:Kidman Date:2001-12-01 07:47:33
Project:K-Meleon Owner:jeff
Status:Closed - Can\'t Reproduce Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Sometime when you enter a URL and hit the enter key, K-Meleon lets the URL in the form you entered it. So without the "http://" at the beginning. Sometimes it does add it...
Another problem is, that K-Meleon does not update the URL-line after you choose a Website from the "Help"-Menu. Guess it's the same problem that causes it.

jeff  2001-12-01 07:58:00
I don't know about the first problem, but the second is a focus issue with the url bar.
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jeff  2001-12-01 07:58:08
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jeff  2001-12-01 07:58:13
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Brian  2001-12-01 13:21:00
I should really fix that bug with quotes and changing multiple values...
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Brian  2001-12-05 10:19:40
[Changed Summary from "K-Meleon doesn't add 'http://' in URL-line" to "K-Meleon doesn't add "http://" in URL-line"]
Ulf  2003-04-21 05:57:27
Is this bug still around? I have never seen it..
asmpgmr  2003-04-29 16:27:32
I haven't seen this either, anytime I enter a URL without http:// it is always added once a page is loaded.
Ulf  2003-07-23 15:41:51
Maybe an ancient bug that is gone since long..

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Closed - Can't Reproduce"]
Kidman  2003-07-25 01:07:05
Still happens!
It's similar to bug 486 I reported recently. Enter a URL into the URL field, load the page. Click on a link of that page and change the URL and load that. There will be no "http://" added.

example (that page does not exist? just an example):
- open K-Meleon
- enter ""
- will be changed to ""
- click on any link on the page
- new URL, which has "http://" maybe be ""
- change the URL in the "URL:" field by deleting the "/index.html?512" and changing the "http://bbs" to "www."
- no "http://" is added, you just got "" in the "URL:" field
Dominic  2003-10-12 13:16:55
Managed to reproduce in KM 0.7
rmn  2003-10-27 21:54:54
What about the beta?
Kidman  2003-10-27 23:35:31
Cannot reproduce it in build 833. It even does correct an incomplete "http://" (like "://" or "/" or "//").
ndebord  2006-01-19 10:42:03
Can't reproduce in using W98se.
"" was changed to

"" was added.

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