Summary: contents of the bookmark file gets erased
Creator:rally Date:2003-02-18 21:12:15
Project:Plugin - Bookmark Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Major
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

This is the third time that this happened. The contents of my bookmark file gets erased for no apparent reason. It's a good thing that I kept a backup before the 3rd incident happened.

Ulf  2003-04-20 16:51:26
While this reports a serious error it gives no information on how to find its cause. Please report what actions you do to cause this instead.

We really need a guide-line on how to write *useful* bug reports.

Closing this since there is no information here to help fix an error.
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Closed - Invalid"]
Ulf  2003-04-22 14:15:45
Second thoughts. Better keep this around as reminder.
[Changed Status from "Closed - Invalid" to "Unconfirmed"]
[Changed Summary from "my bookmarks keep disappearing" to "contents of the bookmark file gets erased"]
[Changed Project from "K-Meleon" to "Plugin - Bookmark"]
Ulf  2003-04-23 17:16:47
I have added a small safenet (not a real fix) that will avoid writing out an empty file if all bookmarks are gone. There will also be a backup created for now. Better leave it on until this bug is fixed.

The *bug* that can make K-Meleon drop all bookmarks is still not identified. I would need to hear when this happens, what actions have foregone it, or anything else that can be of importance. That it happens is not enough..
rmn  2003-10-15 02:07:31
This does happen (I used the build with Gecko/20030624). I don't know what the trigger is, probably it occurs randomly.

Upping priority because of dataloss and to get more attention from other testers.
[Changed Severity from "High Priority" to "Very Important"]
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
Ulf  2003-11-06 13:29:57
Even if you don't know what the trigger is you might know enough to help fill in the gaps:

Does the bookmarks file disappear, truncates to zero size, or still have the header but no bookmarks?

Is this when using a bookmarks file for k-meleon alone or shared with netscape/mozilla/etc (or another kmeleon version)? If it is a shared file, do you run more than one program at a time?
rally  2003-11-06 16:24:58
The bookmark.html file is still there but it doesn't contain anything.

I was also using a mozilla browser during that time but each browser has a seperate file for the bookmarks.
rmn  2003-11-07 00:23:42
I agree. K-Meleon doesn't ask to locate the bookmarks.html, so I guess the file is there but the contents are missing.

No bookmarks-sharing.
Ulf  2003-11-29 13:17:47
What do you mean by no content? Is it a zero bytes file? or does it have the "generated by kmeleon" message but no bookmarks?

I have tried to add some more safe guarding. Can't do much more for now.
rmn  2003-12-01 01:25:30
I didn't check the file. :(
I'm not even sure the bug is still in 0.8. Perhaps we should set a timeout for this unclear bug?
rmn  2004-03-03 02:18:59
Ouch. Another new report (from v0.8.2) in the forums:

I'd suggest reviewing the bookmarks handling; there's probably something wrong there. bug 636 is similar, only that it's with the Hotlist plugin.
jsnj  2004-10-08 12:29:42
And another:

ghall4834  2005-09-05 22:01:01
Thhis bug be caused by the exceeding the Kmeleon Bookmark Plugin Limit. When I change the bookmark location or copy Mozilla and Netscape Bookmarks some of thee bookmarks do not appear to be thier even if they are. Becuase KMeleon Netscape Bookmark Plugin send Kmeleon into a tizzy cuases problems such as toolbars and taskbars to disappear, problems with the bookmarks, and the inability to enter internet addresses.
rmn  2006-10-02 00:42:56
Lowering priority because it's irreproducible. (The severity is still very high, but we're mixing severity with priority in this BTS.)
[Changed Severity from "Very Important" to "High Priority"]
dorian  2006-10-07 01:11:00
Marking as fixed because I've made the writing safer at some point. Reopen if it happens again.
[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "dorian"]

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