Summary: Bookmark (or "save") this "group of layers" (or this "session")
Creator:Hugo Date:2003-01-25 13:35:06
Project:Plugin - Bookmark Owner:.Nobody
Status:Unconfirmed Severity:RFE
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

..would be a nice feature. It has been
requested a few times in the forums

It would be easy to implement today
already (with the current layers.dll)
by means of some ugly and primitive
macro hacking - see for example

..were it not for two *minor*(?) issues:
1) "Bug" (misunderstanding?) number 331
that I just filed :)
2) A macro that "saves" all the
currently open URL:s (e.g into
Prefs.js) need to have a way
to know how many layers that are
currently open.. I guess. So a
command would be helpful..

Ulf  2003-02-02 05:34:23
Reading/writing a bookmarks file is a job for a bookmarking plugin. We first need to teach those plugins to bookmark all open windows to one folder and later open a full folder. After that it is easy to add support to also handle layers. I think..
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[Changed Project from "Plugin - Layers" to "Plugin - Bookmark"]
Ulf  2003-04-21 02:20:47
The layers plugin now have macro functions: NumberOfWindows, NumberOfLayersInWindow, GetLayersInWindow, and ReplaceLayersInWindow. That should be enough to allow saving and restoring "sessions" to prefs.js.

I still search information on how Mozilla/Firebird handle group bookmarks and how to add compatible features to the K-Meleon bookmarks UI.
rmn  2006-08-02 10:37:25

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