Summary: Put VK_BACK preference in accel.cfg
Creator:Hugo Date:2003-01-10 02:54:20
Project:K-Meleon Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:RFE
Version:Unknow Target Version:1.5.0

VK_BACK = cmd_browserBack
thing doesn't work well with
type ahead find.

When using type ahead find one
sometimes use VK_BACK to delete
a mistyped letter. It can easily
happen that one presses VK_BACK
too many times, so that "type ahead
find" mode exits, and VK_BACK
suddenly works as [cmd_browserBack].

VK_BACK = cmd_browserBack
feature can be commented out in

*but* [here comes the actual request:]
I think this preference
(VK_BACK = cmd_browserBack)
should be set in accel.cfg instead,
so that it can be commented out
more easily.


Hugo  2003-01-10 02:58:34
Yes of course I forgot to write a
summary. Indeed, I suck.
How about
"Put VK_BACK preference in accel.cfg" ?
Ulf  2003-01-12 11:37:14
I think that all entries in accel.cfg are set as keyboard accelerators. They are usually set once and never altered. (Can you alter them?)
What you find in K-Meleon/res/builtin/platformHTMLBindings.xml control how the embedded Mozilla works. The meaning of the backbutton changes depending of things that K-Meleon know nothing of. (for instance, your example, when you are doing an incremental search)
Moving VK_BACK to accel.cfg might give that the same command is executed independent of what you are doing or where in the window you have focus.
It looks terrible to have navigation declared at several places though. And we have the same problem with localization..
Maybe Jeff can give a final answer if this RFE is possible (with reasonable efforts) or not.
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "jeff"]
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jsnj  2003-10-14 09:14:00

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
asmpgmr  2003-10-18 10:36:48
I think this should be closed won't fix for the reasons Ulf stated. Putting VK_BACK in accel.cfg will make backspace always do the specified function (presumably browser back) regardless of context. Also VK_BACK browser back functionality was removed from the Mozilla backend in 1.4+ so I would suggest using a little used key like the ` (open quote) for single keystroke browser back function in K-Meleon.
jsnj  2004-10-08 11:53:04
Ulf included the coded version in 0.8.2. Is it going to be included in v0.9? I don't think it's in the test builds. Will probably get some complaints from those who use it.
ra  2004-10-08 12:10:39
Interesting. It worked in 2004-09-12, but it is broken in subsequent builds including the latest (still from 2004-09-18). Ulf asked a few weeks ago if he included all Mozilla patches. Back then everything was alright. So it's probably by mistake? Could you please ping Ulf on that one when you're going to send him your menu/macro work? :-)
rmn  2006-05-27 17:54:30

[Changed Severity from "(Temporary)" to "RFE"]
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dorian  2007-03-12 16:09:40
Not only VK_BACK, but also other accels that could be troublesome.
[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
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dorian  2008-05-18 00:20:55

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dorian  2008-08-28 11:01:59

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
[Changed Target from "Unknow" to "1.5.0"]

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