Summary: A Pref to Control Whether URLs Autoload In URL bar history
Creator:asmpgmr Date:2003-01-09 10:17:22
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Closed Severity:RFE
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

Currently if the URL bar has focus and you scroll through it via the up or down arrow keys or the mouse wheel, URLs from the URL history will be loaded automatically and this generally isn't desirable. Could this behavior be changed so that URLs are not loaded until selected via the enter key or double clicking the mouse. If this behavior is wanted then could a pref be added to select between the two.

asmpgmr  2003-03-08 07:13:13
Removing the following line from BrowserView.cpp fixes this:
Once this line is removed the routine OnUrlSelectedInUrlBar can be removed as well.
Ulf  2003-07-23 15:01:49
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Fixed"]
ra  2003-07-31 08:49:03
To clarify: Is there now a pref available or has this feature just been removed? I for one liked the old behavior... :(
jsnj  2003-12-15 09:59:43

[Changed Status from "Fixed" to "Open"]
[Changed Summary from "URLs should not autoload when scrolling through URL bar history" to "A Pref to Control Whether URLs Autoload In URL bar history"]
asmpgmr  2003-12-17 09:58:52
It was removed since it was a very annoying feature. Please do NOT put it back especially considering no other browser does this.
ra  2003-12-18 14:10:50
Don't know why you don't want that to be *optional* to make *all* people happy anymore, but if we want to have consistent behavior accross browsers we'd need to change it never the less: URLs *should not* auto-load when using the up-/down-keys (or the scroll wheel) to select an address (just like it is now), *but* urls *should* auto-load when clicked with the mouse after opening the drop-down-list (currently - after changing the original default - there is an additional [enter] needed). At least that's what I'd expect...
jsnj  2003-12-18 21:03:04
asmpgmr wrote:
"If this behavior is wanted then could a pref be added to select between the two."

There have been a couple of requests for that in the forums, that's why I re-opened it. If Ulf or another developer decides to give it a status: 'Closed-Won't Fix' then so be it.
Ulf  2005-01-25 11:31:17
I implemented this in a third way. Closing this bug now.

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Closed"]
rmn  2006-02-07 18:58:05

[Changed Severity from "(Temporary)" to "RFE"]

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