Summary: bookmark toolbar causes odd placement
Creator:davidh Date:2002-03-21 00:06:04
Project:K-Meleon Owner:jeff
Status:Closed Severity:Normal
Version:Unknow Target Version:Unknow

I have turned on the bookmark toolbar option when using the Netscape plugin.

Fantastic option. However whenever a new window opens, all the toolbars get placed in somewhat random locations instead of where they were placed previously.

.jpg available on request.


P.S. Great browser guys. I use it all the time.

amutch  2003-01-29 22:36:47
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Ulf  2003-02-01 04:14:01
It's not the pluing. All rebar positions are saved and restored the same way, in ReBarEx.cpp.
But, is this still around in 0.7? I sent Jeff a fix during late beta testing.. If you can confirm this bug, please write down a step-by-step procedure to reproduce it.
(i think one possible problem could be that disabled toolbars don't have their index and position reset)
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Ulf  2003-04-21 05:50:45
Assuming the old fix mentioned above works. Write down a step-by-step procedure if this can be reproduced in later builds.

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Ulf  2003-12-16 02:32:05

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