Summary: favicon formatting in neterror conflicts with invoking certerror xul on invalid certs
Creator:disrupted Date:2011-06-06 11:14:23
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Version:1.6 Target Version:Unknow

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when the pref is set to true, and a secure site with an invalid/bad cert is visited it triggers a second browser window certerror.xul overlapping the main window( bug 1261).
along with the bad visual effect and impracticality of a second warning window required an extra unnecessary step to access the page it may cause confusion to user, i perssume it wasn't the intended behaviour on cert warnings since default is set to false.

to reproduce:
1- set to true
2- visit;topic=126.0

the pref enables display of favicons on the tabbutton and in urlbar in cases when linkrel not defined properly or the favicon is not stored at site root and referred in external css or sometimes when not a true icon(png or gif). normally many websites are affected. naturally it affects display of favicon in bookmarks for affected sites as kmeleon cant save then in the favicon cache(something users frequently complain about when sites have generic bookmarks icon in the bookmarks menu or bar)
check for an example

the cause of the bug is the formatting of neterror.xhtml linking to a chrome path favicon instead of embedded in the png inside the code(delphi style)

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" id="favicon" href="chrome://global/skin/icons/warning-16.png"/>

fixed by:
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" id="favicon" href="" />

link to fixed neterror.xhtml
(save target as)

additional RFE(not related) in file above:
distinctive ssl error page by incorporating big headers, warning messages with carmen red to avoid confusion with regular site load errors, requires the css:


disrupted  2011-06-25 19:54:53

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