Summary: K-Meleon crash when you try to add a website to bookmarks in a new folder with bookmarks moved it.
Creator:desga2 Date:2010-07-02 21:43:00
Project:Plugin - Bookmark Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open Severity:Normal
Version:1.5.4 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.5.4

When you creted a new folder and you moved some bookmarks to it, confirm the change with OK in Editor. Try to add a new bookmark from a webpage with right click context menu "Add Page to bookmarks..." option and select to add to new folder with bookmarks recently moved, KM crash with a Dr. Watson debug info.

More info about this bug in this forum thread:,107586

dorian  2010-07-03 07:19:22
No crash here, but it does nothing, so this is still a problem.
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]

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