Summary: Crash when scrolling down in View Source window opened from Error Console
Creator:Wladimir Palant Date:2010-06-28 15:29:09
Project:K-Meleon Owner:desga2
Status:Open Severity:Normal
Version:1.6a4 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: Firefox/3.6.6

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to
2. Open Error Console
3. There will be a bunch of warnings in the console, click the address for one of them to open View Source window.
4. Note bug 1237 striking, also keyboard navigation doesn't work. Scroll down with your mouse.

K-Meleon 1.6a4 crashes when you do that.

dorian  2010-06-28 20:16:24
Look like it's crashing far inside gecko. Even though you're on a scrollbar, drag&drop is triggered but it has no window, and end up with a null pointer reference ...

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JohnHell  2010-12-19 21:40:22
It happens to 1.6b2, also when you are viewing errors on kmm files.
Wladimir Palant  2011-01-18 10:58:08
Yes, I can still see this bug in 1.6b2, makes debugging pretty painful.
dorian  2011-01-23 21:52:35
Patch here:
JohnHell  2011-01-24 00:10:51
Can't test the patch. With the new gklayout.dll (removed xpti.dat and compreg.dat) applied, K-meleon doesn't fully open. The result is a window with all bars (bookmarks, scrollbar, status bar, etc) but with a transparent content window. The crashreport plugin can't catch the error, because there isn't, but when you restart K-meleon, it request to restore last session, as if it crashed.
Wladimir Palant  2011-01-24 06:47:51
Yes, K-Meleon 1.6b2 isn't functional with this DLL.
dorian  2011-01-24 17:45:28
Well sorry, this is for 1.6b1, I dind't know that 1.6b2 has a different GRE
[Changed Owner from "dorian" to "desga2"]
deadlock  2011-01-26 22:58:14
K-Meleon 1.6b1 console2 is scrollable with this DLL.
The symptom is fixed but not so the cause.

It works if window.content is not null.
Calling viewSource with type="chrome" prevents the crash,
enables goToLine, ...

deadlock  2011-02-03 23:15:38
fix for 1.6b2,113175,114474#msg-114474
deadlock  2011-02-04 00:53:51
my fix is only a workaround!

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