Summary: 1.6.0a3 Automatically clear history from Tools-Privacy-Clear data not working
Creator:JamesD Date:2010-03-22 12:15:19
Project:Plugin - Privacy Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open Severity:Normal
Version:1.6a4 Target Version:Unknow

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First I copied history.dat to a safe place. Then I used TOOLS - PRIVACY - CLEAR DATA - CLEAR AUTOMATICALLY - HISTORY. I put check in box for CLEAR ON SHUTDOWN. I closed KM and and looked at history.dat in profile. It was the same size as the backup copy. I opened KM and closed again - no change in file size. I opened KM and could see history all the way to last week.

Second method was to use TOOLS - PRIVACY - CLEAR DATA - CLEAR HISTORY. I then closed and reopened KM and I still have all my history.

I also tried clear on startup with same results.

I am on XP-SP3 and the profile is with the program. I do have write authority to the profile.

More info in,104397

dorian  2010-05-14 10:35:45

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
[Changed Version from "1.6a" to "1.6a4"]
desga2  2010-11-19 22:29:20
This problem continue happened in 1.6.0 Beta.

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