Summary: K-Meleon crash
Creator:chrismt Date:2010-03-08 13:37:16
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Unconfirmed Severity:Normal
Version:1.6a Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: Firefox/

I have found these bugs in K-Meleon 1.6.0a3 (Build 4, 2010-03-01, Gecko 1.9.1)

Under Preference

Under Macro Extensions

I unchecked Zoom, NewsFox, Mail and IE and restarted K-Meleon but it failed to start.

It showed an error

Therefore, I had to delete all K-Meleon folders in User Folder and reinstall for it to work again

It seems to be the combination of mail and zoom being set to false which causes the problem. I did Zoom, NewsFox, Mail and IE one at a time and then in combination. The failure to start was with Zoom and Mail.

dorian  2010-04-03 16:49:06
Currently not able to reproduce
[Changed Version from "1.6a4" to "1.6a"]
chrismt  2010-04-06 08:23:44
@ Dorain

This is a real bug in 1.6 alpha 4

You can find that this happened with other people also

This is the bug forum link

You can find more information here,103831
desga2  2010-11-19 20:32:09
I can't reproduce it in WinXP SP3 on 1.6a4 and on 1.6 Beta.
What windows version are you using?
Are you using some other extension or plugin not included by default or some setting?
Can you test it with a new default profile?

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