Summary: pluginmsg AddButton broken
Creator:disrupted Date:2009-06-15 15:01:14
Project:Plugin - Toolbar Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5.3 Target Version:1.5.4

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when using addbutton to add several buttons to a created toolbar; the toolbar seems to accept the additional 'addbutton' commands as the toolbar expands according to the number of buttons added however only the first button is visible while the others are hidden in the toolbar.

i'm not sure if this is a bug in addtoolbar or addbutton or somewhere else in km toolbars or if there's an additional command that should be used for adding more than one button.

tested on 1.5.3

more details in this thread:,93686,93707

p.s. if it is indeed confirmed as a bug, if possible; can it get fixed in a 1.5.4 release(along other confirmed bugs) before 1.9 migration. thanks.

kko  2009-06-28 13:28:30
This issue was probably caused by the fix for bug 1092

Buttons can now be added to existing toolbars. But only the space for the buttons is added to the toolbar. The buttons themselves are invisible and inoperable.

When adding buttons to a newly created toolbar (using AddToolbar), only the first button is operable. The others reserve their space but are invisible and inoperable.

Test case AddToolbarButton.kmm:

alert("This is just a test.","Test Button ".$__t);
# Add buttons to an existing toolbar (Search Buttons)
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Search Buttons,AddToolbarButton1,ID_FILE_OPEN,Edit,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Search Buttons,AddToolbarButton2,macros(AddToolbarButton(2)),,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Search Buttons,AddToolbarButton3,macros(AddToolbarButton(3)),,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");
# Add a new toolbar with buttons
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddToolbar","&Test Toolbar,16,16","");
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Test Toolbar,AddToolbarButton4,ID_FILE_SAVE_AS,Edit,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Test Toolbar,AddToolbarButton5,macros(AddToolbarButton(5)),,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");
pluginmsg(toolbars,"AddButton","&Test Toolbar,AddToolbarButton6,macros(AddToolbarButton(6)),,Just a test button,16,16,mainbarhot.bmp[1],mainbarcold.bmp[1]","");

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dorian  2009-07-12 11:39:48

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