Summary: Previous Session open tabs closed in last session.
Creator:desga2 Date:2008-12-06 19:20:05
Project:Plugin - Sessions Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open Severity:RFE
Version:1.5.0 Target Version:Unknow

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This happen because "Previous Session" is updated only when a new tab is open.

If you close some tabs and close K-Meleon, when you start K-Meleon again and Load Previous Session closed tabs in previous session are opened.

This problem happen in 1.5.X (X include 0, 1 and 2RC)

disrupted  2008-12-07 14:45:37
happens here too, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 (nt and w9x versions: same issue)
dorian  2008-12-12 16:49:12
That's because sessions can't know if you closed the tabs or if they were closed because you exited kmeleon.

Workaround: Reload one of the tab before exiting, to force writing the session.

desga2  2009-07-24 22:41:10
I continue thinking this is a bug or feature needed in Sessions plugin.
Sessions must know when a tab is closed similar that it know when this is opened or reloaded.
Session can hook to CloseTab event identically that OpenTab/LoadTab event.
And Session plugin can know similar way than K-Meleon know when a tab is closed or K-Meleon is closed.
dorian  2009-07-30 17:08:07
CloseTab is always sent, even at exit. There is no easy way to make a difference between both currently.
SoerenB  2010-06-20 03:24:48
Would a "reload Tab No.1" event triggered by, and deferring, the exit command, be able to help?
If yes, would the resulting lag be a problem?
Could the reloading be cancelled as soon as the refreshed session has been written?
dorian  2010-07-03 07:21:26

[Changed Severity from "Minor" to "RFE"]
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]

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