Summary: 1.5.2beta: opennew() influenced by
Creator:disrupted Date:2008-11-22 09:48:14
Project:Plugin - Macros Owner:.Nobody
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5.2 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.5.1

when OpenURL_InNewWindow is executed from macro it opens in new tab.. not sure if this is a bug or a change in macro language commands for 1.5.2


kko  2008-11-22 17:51:49
Macro method opennew() is "listening" to pref which is used to redirect target="_blank" links (window diversion).

- Detaching a tab fails.
- All XUL pages opened by macros and meant to open as dialog windows (kmprefs, console2, mtypes, ...) are redirected to tabs or even to the current page.

[Changed Severity from "Minor" to "Normal"]
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
[Changed Summary from "1.5.2 beta and OpenURL_InNewWindow" to "1.5.2beta: opennew() influenced by"]
[Changed Project from "K-Meleon" to "Plugin - Macros"]
disrupted  2008-11-30 15:02:41
it seems to be fixed in 1.5.2rc.. tested with several xul macros(quicknote/adblockplus preferences/ietab config etc) none showed any problems and opened in new tab correctly.. also mime types editor was executed normally without errors
dorian  2008-12-06 17:00:22

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]

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