Summary: tab buttons bug under windows vista
Creator:disrupted Date:2008-11-19 00:25:09
Project:K-Meleon Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5.0 Target Version:1.5.4

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.5.1

though personally i've not tested this bug because i don't have vista, but 2 users of vista have described the same problem.

it appears that the tab buttons can not resize in the tabbar and after buttons have exceeded the tabbar width; kmeleon crashes.

more in this thread:,85532,85651#msg-85651

dorian  2009-01-17 13:31:14
For a workaround, if k-meleon freeze, this can be prevented by using a fixed or a bottom tab bar.
dorian  2009-01-17 13:31:30

[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open"]
[Changed Owner from ".Nobody" to "dorian"]
[Changed Version from "1.5.1" to "1.5.0"]
dorian  2009-04-05 12:29:28

[Changed Status from "Open" to "Fixed"]
[Changed Target from "Unknow" to "1.5.3"]
dorian  2009-10-24 06:42:10
Moved to 1.5.4, 1.5.3 doesn't have the correct fix.

[Changed Target from "1.5.3" to "1.5.4"]

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