Summary: Cannot remove directrory which was used for file download
Creator:brkerez Date:2008-08-19 05:44:43
Project:K-Meleon Owner:.Nobody
Status:Open - Mozilla Bug Severity:Normal
Version:1.5.0 Target Version:Unknow

User-agent: K-Meleon/1.5.0b2

Steps to reproduce problem:

1. Download some file with KMeleon and save it to the disk to some directory (doesnt matter if newly created for download or some already created)

2. When download is complete delete downloaded file

3. Try to delete created directory previously choosed for saving downloaded file - it's not possible. It is complaining that it is used - probably KMeleon is holding file resource and so its not possible to delete it

I tested it on WinXP and Win2000 with latest SP's and fixes installed

dorian  2008-08-21 07:14:48
to confirm
brkerez  2008-08-25 10:40:37
Sorry for not reacting for so long. When I was posting this bug, I had it confirmed by using Unlocker (

Here is log handle output - one line that shows that download directory is locked by k-meleon (CurrPorts 1.48 is directory).

k-meleon.exe pid: 8496 ACAPULCO\ptrka
A70: File (RW-) X:\!download\admin\CurrPorts 1.48
dorian  2008-08-27 10:15:07
Only happen when you're an administrator
Happen in mfcembed -> flagged as mozilla bug
Should be tested with seamonkey
[Changed Status from "Unconfirmed" to "Open - Mozilla Bug"]
kko  2009-03-29 18:29:06
bug 1090 was closed as a dupe of this one.
desga2  2010-08-28 20:55:40
Tested with 1.5.4 and 1.6a4, the problem continue and also happend when you download in local hardisk and try to delete/rename the folder that contained the file downloaded.
The same for "Save Page As..." option.

This problem not happend in Seamonkey 2.0.5.
It's strange because the downloaded file can be deleted but not the folder, because folder is busy by K-Meleon.

I think K-Meleon code not close the I/O steam to write the file or not free the folder after of download/save.
desga2  2010-08-30 18:30:30
After a lot of test, Dorian is right, the problem origin is MFCembed.
I can reproduce it in all versions of MFCembed that I can tested it.
The problems happend in all KM versions but not in Mozilla, Seamonkey and Firefox versions.
Exactly the problem is MFCembed lock the last folder used to download or "Save As..." a file.
This avoid to rename/delete the folder or unpluge an USB memory to safe way if folder is in an USB memory.
desga2  2010-08-30 20:51:20
I think the problem is in nsWebBrowserPersist.cpp file of the MFCembed code.
Perhaps nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveDocument() function in this line (421):
mFirstAndOnlyUse = PR_FALSE; // Stop people from reusing this object!
I bet to change it to:
mFirstAndOnlyUse = PR_TRUE; // Stop people from reusing this object!

Also this line is repeted in lines: 378 and 396.
dorian  2010-09-11 12:02:26
No that's not it. But the problem is probably somewhere in this file and would need to be debugged to be found.
This part of gecko is no more maintained I guess.

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