Summary: JavaScript method window.home() broken
Creator:kko Date:2008-04-19 06:13:28
Project:K-Meleon Owner:dorian
Status:Fixed Severity:Normal
Version:1.5b1 Target Version:1.5b2

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Gecko offers the window.home() method to make the browser navigate to its home page from JavaScript. (see )

A hyperlink like <a href="javascript:window.home()">Home Page</a> should direct you to your home page. It does in Firefox and SeaMonkey, but not in K-Meleon. In the latter it directs you to .

Method window.home() is evaluating preference browser.startup.homepage which is not set in km. Its default value (in SeaMonkey) is chrome://navigator-region/locale/ (in km this is pointing to \chrome\xx-YY.jar!/embed/locale/YY/navigator-region/ In this file, string homePageDefault is set to .

To make window.home() have the desired effect in km, browser.startup.homepage must be set to the same value as kmeleon.general.homePage.

Possible workaround: Synchronize browser.startup.homepage and kmeleon.general.homePage with a macro.

dorian  2008-04-20 02:32:23
So the locale jar must be updated to point to kmeleon home page, and kmprefs to change browser.startup.homepage instead.

I'll update kmeleon to use browser.startup.homepage too, since we don't have the choice here.
You can mark it as fixed when you're done.
kko  2008-05-19 08:53:58
Chrome, macros and default prefs are updated. Fixed from my side.

Some remarks:

JavaScript method window.home() is working like this:
- When pref browser.startup.homepage has a user-set value, the pref is of type nsISupportsString i.e. its value is already the URL to be opened.
- Otherwise, the pref is of type nsIPrefLocalizedString i.e. its actual value is the chrome URL of a properties file which contains a property with the same name as the pref and the value of this property is returned as the value of the pref.
- In case browser.startup.homepage is not set at all, an internal default value is used. Ours is currently . resource:///readme.html or would be sufficient too.
See nsGlobalWindow::Home() [ ]

Our ID_NAV_HOME should work the same way. Everything is prepared. In kmeleon.js, the default value for browser.startup.homepage is set to the correct chrome URL. The referenced properties file (part of the locale) is set up correctly pointing to resource:///readme.html (must be resource:///locales/xx-YY/readme.html if not en-US).

Migrating the home page url from the old pref (kmeleon.general.homePage) to the new one (browser.startup.homepage) is only necessary when it's user-set. Otherwise you don't need to do anything.

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dorian  2008-05-23 12:13:56
Currently, kmeleon pref system can't know if a pref is "user set" or not, and I don't think I'll take the trouble to implement it just for that.
dorian  2008-05-24 02:55:11

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