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BugID Summary Severity Status Owner Date
874 Download dialog: incorrect tab order Normal Closed dorian 2006-10-24
914 Wrong legal & letter paper size Normal Closed dorian 2007-05-29
Plugin - Bookmark
799 Favicons from Firefox bookmarks removed Normal Fixed dorian 2006-01-04
845 Live bookmarks from Firefox bookmarks disappear Normal Fixed dorian 2006-08-31
Plugin - Favorites
923 New Favorites displayed in the wrong folder Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-03
926 kmeleon crash when using the favorites toolbar. Major Fixed dorian 2007-07-25
Plugin - Hotlist
922 Incompatibilities with Opera 9 Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-01
Plugin - Layers
928 Random crash (layer toolbar update) Major Fixed dorian 2007-08-05
929 layers(OpenURL)/layers(OpenURLBg) should open in current windows if about:blank Normal Fixed dorian 2007-08-05

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