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BugID Summary Severity Status Owner Date
1029 K-meleon fails to exit when np-mswmp.dll is invoked Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-10
1049 Show page URL instead of "Loading..." when loading title disabled RFE Fixed dorian 2008-10-16
1051 K-Meleon 1.5.X lost some functionality respected to 1.1.X Normal Fixed dorian 2008-10-23
1052 In textarea, Delete menu doesn't work on selected text Minor Fixed dorian 2008-10-28
1057 Middle click acceleration steps too near Normal Fixed dorian 2008-11-30
1058 When select View Source in about:blank page, source window load source. Normal Fixed dorian 2008-12-01
1061 K-Meleon does not exit properly Trivial Fixed dorian 2008-12-06
1074 Icons do not show when using the 'confirm' macro statement Normal Fixed dorian 2008-12-19
Plugin - Bookmark
1062 Minor Fixed dorian 2008-12-06
Plugin - Fullscreen
1046 Bottom tab bar not hidden in fullscreen mode Normal Fixed dorian 2008-09-22
Plugin - Macros
1050 plugin() function doesn't work (was "Clear All" privacy option not work.) Normal Fixed dorian 2008-10-21

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