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BugID Summary Severity Status Owner Date
6 Non-latin1 characters in menu. Major Fixed jeff 2001-11-24
39 'Disable popup windows on page load/unload' affects normal popups... Normal Fixed Brian 2001-11-25
40 ssl : expired certificate Normal Fixed Brian 2001-11-25
41 Loader settings cause window to stay visible Normal Fixed jeff 2001-11-26
42 certificate mismatch Normal Fixed Brian 2001-11-27
52 URL truncation when K is called by Yahoo Messenger Minor Fixed dorian 2001-12-04
76 "Undo" isn't available in text fields Normal Fixed Brian 2001-12-10
117 textfields behave strange Normal Fixed .Nobody 2002-01-03
122 Loader right-click menu doesn't disappear Normal Fixed jeff 2002-01-07
138 KMeleon causes invalid page faults Normal Fixed Brian 2002-01-12
147 url autocompletion makes wrong guesses Critical Fixed .Nobody 2002-01-24
169 post window display Minor Fixed .Nobody 2002-03-03
193 RFE - Password Manager confimation - esc handling Critical Fixed dorian 2002-04-15
196 K-Meleon instance pops up at Windows shutdown Normal Fixed dorian 2002-04-19
206 SSL baddomain problem Normal Fixed Brian 2002-05-18
226 non-latin1 characters don't show in title, menu or toolbar Major Fixed jeff 2002-09-03
246 Pop-up windows can become fullscreen when brought up from minimized state Minor Fixed jeff 2002-10-28
254 Loader produces loss of toolbar / band positions Normal Fixed .Nobody 2002-11-01
300 No frame-popup with iframe Normal Fixed dorian 2002-12-18
301 Expired certificate dialog is displayed twice Major Fixed jeff 2002-12-19
304 Page Setup Scaling - no impact Normal Fixed .Nobody 2002-12-26
314 Put VK_BACK preference in accel.cfg RFE Fixed dorian 2003-01-10
324 cookie confirm dialog no longer works in embedding (doesn't call nsIPrompt service) Normal Fixed .Nobody 2003-01-17
344 Unable to download files when "Last Downloaded to" Directory is a UNC Path Normal Fixed dorian 2003-02-04
372 RFE - Handle .url files via the command line RFE Fixed .Nobody 2003-02-19
409 RFE - Translation accessability. RFE Fixed dorian 2003-03-12
487 K-Meleon doesn't recognises JRE 1.4.2 Normal Fixed .Nobody 2003-07-24
502 Variables $CurrentCodepage and $FontSituation RFE Fixed dorian 2003-09-04
517 Assign toolband settings per skin RFE Fixed dorian 2003-10-22
543 popup window is opened in 3 steps instead of 1 Normal Fixed .Nobody 2003-11-07
572 Some webpages w/Java & JavaScript problematic Normal Fixed .Nobody 2003-11-28
574 Kmeleon crashes with MFC42.dll Normal Fixed .Nobody 2003-12-03
577 popup size invalid if any bar is visible Normal Fixed dorian 2003-12-06
579 Bookmarklet of macro javascript code in URL bar Trivial Fixed .Nobody 2003-12-07
580 URL history problem with empty url Normal Fixed Ulf 2003-12-08
585 "wyciwyg" in urlbar and title bar Trivial Fixed dorian 2003-12-12
616 K-M process keeps on running after exit. Normal Fixed dorian 2003-12-23
618 Drag links to another open Kmeleon Normal Fixed dorian 2003-12-24
621 Gestures: Copies of saved images in windows temp folder Normal Fixed dorian 2003-12-25
628 Impossible to unlock toolbars (0.8.2 Complete) Normal Fixed .Nobody 2004-01-01
629 Drag & Drop URLs from the URL bar RFE Fixed dorian 2004-01-01
631 National characters in URL not supported Major Fixed dorian 2004-01-04
687 KM saves compressed file as .htm Normal Fixed dorian 2004-04-12
688 No warning when downloading to unwritable dirs Major Fixed .Nobody 2004-04-21
689 Printer config always return to US Letter Normal Fixed .Nobody 2004-05-09
694 Setting Paper Size to A4 not retained Normal Fixed .Nobody 2004-05-25
699 Explorer re-open Normal Fixed dorian 2004-06-12
701 ID_EDIT_CLEAR and ID_EDIT_UNDO Normal Fixed dorian 2004-06-18
704 Cannot save as "HTML only" with no connection to server Normal Fixed dorian 2004-07-05
719 Session Resume For Windows w/Navigation History RFE Fixed dorian 2004-11-19
738 Loader shortcut left in Startup directory after uninstall Minor Fixed .Nobody 2005-01-26
739 New install k-meleon 0.9 on XPSP2 crashes on startup Normal Fixed dorian 2005-01-26
749 Bug in file paths containing non-ascii chars Normal Fixed dorian 2005-01-31
752 Server initiated downloads stall other downloads Normal Fixed dorian 2005-02-06
754 wrong link in Aggreg8 main page Normal Fixed kko 2005-02-14
787 Loader causes loss of disk cache Normal Fixed .Nobody 2005-07-28
808 Quotation mark not removed from URL Normal Fixed dorian 2006-03-22
837 <input type=*> treated as <input type='text'> for context menu Normal Fixed dorian 2006-07-30
846 Some changes from about:config aren't kept by K-Meleon Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-01
849 Keyword autosearch interferes with Nicknames Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-02
857 Default context menu shows up for chrome dialogs Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-19
860 focus() on a XUL dialog has no effect Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
861 Hardcoded directory paths in preferences Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
862 Middle-clicks trigger context menu - Remove the mouse hack Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
864 Address bar in XUL dialogs can be tabbed to Major Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
866 Impossible to receive mouse events for status bar icons Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-27
870 Alt+* menu shortcut doesn't work without rebarmenu Normal Fixed dorian 2006-10-09
877 BBC radio player pop up won't minize. Works fine in 8.2 Normal Fixed dorian 2006-10-29
881 wrong URL displayed after undo close tab Normal Fixed dorian 2006-11-22
884 K-Meleon search does not escape the character # Normal Fixed dorian 2006-12-07
885 Incorrect sorting of bookmarks/favorites/hotlist Minor Fixed dorian 2006-12-09
893 Download folder setting dialog: trailing slash issue Normal Fixed dorian 2007-01-10
899 Ctrl + L doesn't go to location bar RFE Fixed kko 2007-02-06
900 "Open" command in download dialog ignores setting in mimeTypes.rdf Minor Fixed dorian 2007-02-16
902 URL Bar text color incorrect Normal Fixed dorian 2007-03-01
911 Error in settings window of Russian UI K-Meleon 1.1 Trivial Fixed .Nobody 2007-05-24
912 Mysterious crash Normal Fixed .Nobody 2007-05-25
913 SetDefault displays old version number Minor Fixed .Nobody 2007-05-26
915 Clicking on an image Mouse Pointer disapper for the page Minor Fixed .Nobody 2007-06-08
917 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error [Icon cache corruption] Normal Fixed dorian 2007-06-29
918 Ctrl + A in url bar Trivial Fixed dorian 2007-06-29
919 -profilesDir $appdata creates folder "KMeleon" instead of "K-Meleon" Trivial Fixed dorian 2007-06-30
920 Tabs support RFE Fixed dorian 2007-06-30
925 Keyboard support in Open/Save-Prompt Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-18
946 Toggle flashblock and 'css adblock' when running RFE Fixed dorian 2007-10-13
948 tabbed browser preference selections not retained / displayed Normal Fixed kko 2007-10-13
950 K-Meleon crash when using keyboard tabbing shortcuts while location bar has focus Normal Fixed dorian 2007-10-25
952 Middle click / double click to create new tab RFE Fixed dorian 2007-11-06
953 Ctrl+PgUp / Ctrl+PgDn on input/textarea elements doesn't switch tab Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-06
954 URL bar word break (UrlBreakProc) on space characters RFE Fixed dorian 2007-11-06
956 OnLoad / injectJS not always working on correct tab Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-08
957 URLbar stops showing current doc's URL Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-08
958 Ampersand (&) in title converted to underline in tab bar Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-13
960 Location of the Ad-Blocking StyleSheet Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-23
962 Corrupt save dialog when downloading file with no extension Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-28
963 wyciwyg:// URLs cannot be reloaded Normal Fixed dorian 2007-11-29
966 kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup Normal Fixed dorian 2007-12-20
969 Cache settings missing in Preferences Normal Fixed kko 2007-12-31
973 GetWindowsList API unusable Normal Fixed dorian 2008-01-16
979 Image Properties broken in French locale Normal Fixed kko 2008-02-06
981 Browser title is corrupted with old plugin Normal Fixed dorian 2008-02-17
987 Folder defaults\profile\macros missing Normal Fixed dorian 2008-02-26
988 K-meleon crash on open popup Normal Fixed dorian 2008-03-07
997 Memory leak with many layers open Normal Fixed .Nobody 2008-04-02
998 @TabList in the tab button popup menu Normal Fixed .Nobody 2008-04-03
1008 JavaScript method window.home() broken Normal Fixed dorian 2008-04-19
1015 crash on startup Critical Fixed dorian 2008-06-06
1016 Wrong http_referer sent in frameset page Normal Fixed dorian 2008-06-19
1029 K-meleon fails to exit when np-mswmp.dll is invoked Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-10
1030 Popup position/size ignored when opener maximized Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-11
1032 Scrolling a large page with the mouse is slow Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-18
1034 Don't fail when javascript method blur() is used Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-23
1036 Tab bar refresh show bad visual effects. Minor Fixed dorian 2008-08-24
1038 referer is wrong when you type a url in adress bar if a website is already loaded Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-27
1039 Icon cache GDI leak at startup Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-27
1049 Show page URL instead of "Loading..." when loading title disabled RFE Fixed dorian 2008-10-16
1051 K-Meleon 1.5.X lost some functionality respected to 1.1.X Normal Fixed dorian 2008-10-23
1052 In textarea, Delete menu doesn't work on selected text Minor Fixed dorian 2008-10-28
1054 tab buttons bug under windows vista Normal Fixed dorian 2008-11-19
1057 Middle click acceleration steps too near Normal Fixed dorian 2008-11-30
1058 When select View Source in about:blank page, source window load source. Normal Fixed dorian 2008-12-01
1061 K-Meleon does not exit properly Trivial Fixed dorian 2008-12-06
1074 Icons do not show when using the 'confirm' macro statement Normal Fixed dorian 2008-12-19
1076 Middle click remember menu browsing. Minor Fixed dorian 2008-12-29
1089 Command line parameter -new load "-new" page when no K-Meleon instance is already open. Normal Fixed dorian 2009-03-05
1134 setaccel() delete not working Normal Fixed dorian 2009-07-05
1136 K-Meleon doesn't handle Linux format for kml files Minor Fixed dorian 2009-07-22
1176 k-meleon fails to exit after trying to open a non-existant xul chrome address Trivial Fixed dorian 2010-01-21
1184 no page transition on opening links Normal Fixed dorian 2010-02-09
1189 1.6a3: displaying tabbar at the bottom crashes k-meleon Normal Fixed dorian 2010-03-01
1190 display:inline-block Normal Fixed .Nobody 2010-03-03
1191 fails to prompt on registering new protocol handlers Normal Fixed dorian 2010-03-03
1214 incorrect USER'S COMMENTS are displaying Normal Fixed dorian 2010-04-22
1219 K Meleon Settings 1.7a Normal Fixed desga2 2010-05-10
1222 Backspace behavior in Flash (.SWF) plugin Normal Fixed dorian 2010-05-17
1226 uncomplete kmeleon uninstall process Minor Fixed desga2 2010-06-01
1240 Unabl&#1091; to add search engine Normal Fixed desga2 2010-06-28
1241 Unable to show error console Normal Fixed .Nobody 2010-06-28
1275 local html with japanese in file names refuse to load. Normal Fixed dorian 2010-11-25
1407 K-Meleon 76 Alpha fails to start Normal Fixed .Nobody 2015-09-20
1410 Pressing arrows in menu scrolls page Normal Fixed .Nobody 2015-11-09
1414 Kiosk Mode (-webapp) will not work in Windows Embedded Standard 7 Normal Fixed .Nobody 2015-11-17
1415 K-Meleon in Koisk mode not working Normal Fixed .Nobody 2015-11-23
1420 Impossible to delete single entry from History Normal Fixed .Nobody 2016-03-09
Plugin - Bookmark
371 contents of the bookmark file gets erased Major Fixed dorian 2003-02-18
465 Bookmark plugin does not interpret HTML in bookmark names/folders Normal Fixed Ulf 2003-05-05
785 Crash on blank bookmark entry Normal Fixed dorian 2005-06-22
799 Favicons from Firefox bookmarks removed Normal Fixed dorian 2006-01-04
845 Live bookmarks from Firefox bookmarks disappear Normal Fixed dorian 2006-08-31
851 After Copy&Paste, the new bookmark open the old one until restart. Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-04
898 Crash when bookmarking long URL Major Fixed dorian 2007-02-06
924 Use link text for title when adding a link to bookmarks RFE Fixed dorian 2007-07-15
1001 Add support for middle click in toolbar and menu RFE Fixed dorian 2008-04-08
1062 Minor Fixed dorian 2008-12-06
Plugin - Favorites
894 Crash saving + viewing favorite with empty title Critical Fixed dorian 2007-01-15
923 New Favorites displayed in the wrong folder Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-03
926 kmeleon crash when using the favorites toolbar. Major Fixed dorian 2007-07-25
Plugin - Fullscreen
541 Toggling Fullscreen Within Layers Normal Fixed dorian 2003-11-07
1046 Bottom tab bar not hidden in fullscreen mode Normal Fixed dorian 2008-09-22
Plugin - Gestures
1116 Mouse left and right clicks stop working when enabling mouse gesture in Windows Vista Normal Fixed dorian 2009-05-19
1159 Selecting TEXT with mouse is incorrect when mouse gestures are on in Windows 7 Normal Fixed dorian 2009-10-28
Plugin - History
55 Corrupted history ("Go") menu Normal Fixed jeff 2001-12-05
411 History loose day after sorting Trivial Fixed .Nobody 2003-03-12
1045 Session history menu not showing url in status bar and crashing Normal Fixed dorian 2008-09-20
Plugin - Hotlist
636 Lost Hotlist Critical Fixed dorian 2004-01-07
922 Incompatibilities with Opera 9 Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-01
Plugin - Layers
674 Hide layers toolbar when only one layer open RFE Fixed dorian 2004-03-18
858 Can't close View Source with accel Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
859 Closing a background XUL dialog resizes current window Normal Fixed dorian 2006-09-20
928 Random crash (layer toolbar update) Major Fixed dorian 2007-08-05
929 layers(OpenURL)/layers(OpenURLBg) should open in current windows if about:blank Normal Fixed dorian 2007-08-05
Plugin - Macros
53 int, bool prefs can't be set Normal Fixed jeff 2001-12-04
809 Comparison ops - numbers compared as strings Normal Fixed dorian 2006-04-11
887 urlencode should encode " " into "%20", not "+" Normal Fixed dorian 2006-12-16
949 K-M 1.5a1 - right click on "go" toolbar button does not "go" Normal Fixed dorian 2007-10-18
1042 Add console error message for macros RFE Fixed dorian 2008-08-27
1050 plugin() function doesn't work (was "Clear All" privacy option not work.) Normal Fixed dorian 2008-10-21
1055 1.5.2beta: opennew() influenced by Normal Fixed .Nobody 2008-11-22
1094 macro command injectCSS lost functionability Minor Fixed dorian 2009-03-25
1126 urlencode() crashing when applied to whitespace Major Fixed dorian 2009-06-04
Plugin - Privacy
1003 Crash when clearing address bar history on shutdown Normal Fixed dorian 2008-04-10
1427 'Clear Automatically' doesn't work for English locale Normal Fixed dorian 2016-06-23
Plugin - Rebar Menu
1000 Keyboard navigation in menu doesn't work Normal Fixed dorian 2008-04-08
1004 When click over File -> Exit K-Meleon menu this closed with error (crash). Normal Fixed dorian 2008-04-11
Plugin - Sessions
947 Tab order is not remembered Normal Fixed dorian 2007-10-13
982 Problem with translation Normal Fixed dorian 2008-02-17
Plugin - Toolbar
623 Toolbar Plugin Popup Crash Minor Fixed .Nobody 2003-12-28
705 Text Based Toolbar & Separators Normal Fixed dorian 2004-07-09
826 Skipping a pressed button's popup menu unpresses the button Minor Fixed dorian 2006-07-06
927 Privacy Bar > Clear All is calling macro Privacy_ClearAll instead of kPrivacy_ClearAll Normal Fixed kko 2007-08-03
999 32 bits bitmap support. RFE Fixed dorian 2008-04-08
1040 kmleon hang when there is an empty toolbar Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-27
1041 kmeleon hang when there is an empty toolbar Normal Fixed dorian 2008-08-27
1092 Let pluginmsg AddButton add buttons to ANY toolbar. Normal Fixed dorian 2009-03-22
1130 pluginmsg AddButton broken Normal Fixed dorian 2009-06-15
The Website
872 K-meleon can't run without SHLWAPI.DLL file in Win95 Normal Fixed .Nobody 2006-10-13
921 The bugTracker send wrong ownership email Normal Fixed dorian 2007-07-01
965 registration fields unlabeled Normal Fixed .Nobody 2007-12-11
1284 Unable to select version 1.6.0 Beta 2 to report bugs Normal Fixed dorian 2011-01-03

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