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BugID Summary Severity Status Owner Date
24 Profile switching essentially broken Major Open jeff 2001-11-24
129 RFE - Click on throbber to go to home page RFE Open jeff 2002-01-08
135 RFE - LINK support with a separate toolbar RFE Open .Nobody 2002-01-11
155 Incorrect Color depth Trivial Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2002-02-05
220 more on autoproxy Trivial Open .Nobody 2002-07-15
234 RFE - Plugin Changes and Loader RFE Open jeff 2002-10-16
238 "Security Warning" dialog: pressing escape = continue, not cancel Normal Open - Mozilla Bug jeff 2002-10-28
287 Throbber animation delay when switching windows Trivial Open .Nobody 2002-12-09
290 Update the preference panel to hold the most used prefs Major Open jeff 2002-12-09
331 RFE - Allow macros to execute any function/command in any window from any window RFE Open .Nobody 2003-01-25
335 Unable to save image from image map Normal Open - Mozilla Bug jeff 2003-01-28
337 Streamline JAR files Critical Open dorian 2003-01-29
358 Failed to create empty document Normal Open .Nobody 2003-02-12
359 Page position changed for URL anchor even after scrolling Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2003-02-14
399 view-source and/or filesave does a new GET to URL Major Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2003-03-05
558 popup which is closed "onblur", immediately closed Normal Open .Nobody 2003-11-12
590 Saving a page as html should include the URL as a comment in the file RFE Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2003-12-14
592 printing of long table does not work correctly Minor Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2003-12-14
622 Status bar is set to "" even if document has asked otherwise Normal Open .Nobody 2003-12-26
626 Support for Sidebars RFE Open .Nobody 2003-12-29
640 Text navigation in <textarea> doesn't work Normal Open .Nobody 2004-01-13
653 Errorbox blocks download Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2004-02-04
728 Profile location change (move) RFE Open .Nobody 2005-01-22
747 URL completion shortcuts are active even when location bar is not focused Normal Open .Nobody 2005-01-30
763 Skin icon support for the "Save As" & "Open" Dialogue Windows RFE Open .Nobody 2005-03-05
782 "Save Link As ..." behavior different from file saving Normal Open .Nobody 2005-05-18
798 BBC Radio - controls not working Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2005-10-17
876 Context menu and dialogs lock each other Normal Open .Nobody 2006-10-27
907 Crash when exiting with a xul modal dialog open Normal Open .Nobody 2007-05-01
939 Page setup: Specify print margins in millimeters in addition to inches RFE Open .Nobody 2007-09-22
951 JavaScript Context Menu Manipulation Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2007-11-05
971 When detaching a tab, an empty tab is created Normal Open dorian 2008-01-04
975 Problems with invalid images Normal Open .Nobody 2008-01-30
980 Add a close button to tab buttons RFE Open .Nobody 2008-02-12
1011 Installer: Take more care removing left files RFE Open kko 2008-05-13
1012 K-Meleon MRU behavior broken Normal Open .Nobody 2008-05-28
1019 Menu problems under high load Normal Open .Nobody 2008-07-11
1033 Cannot remove directrory which was used for file download Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2008-08-19
1035 URL bar not conserve the text typed in it when you switch tabs. Minor Open dorian 2008-08-24
1073 Image not displayed in a poup window Normal Open .Nobody 2008-12-18
1086 crash clicking PDF link Normal Open dorian 2009-02-22
1099 Saved Files Name Truncation Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2009-03-27
1112 When javascript opens a window, impossible to have it maximized by default since 1.5.0 Normal Open dorian 2009-05-17
1119 K-Meleon don't let JS to catch [Backspace] Normal Open .Nobody 2009-05-22
1162 dtoa implementation Remote Array Overrun (code exec) Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2009-11-15
1165 png file incorrectly displayed Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2009-11-18
1177 "Printer error: not available" is showed to open a 2nd Print dialog instance from toolbar. Minor Open .Nobody 2010-01-21
1183 Default button for download window is to cancel the download Minor Open dorian 2010-02-07
1188 RFE: kmeleon.display.lockedToolbarAlt needs to be added Normal Open dorian 2010-02-22
1194 Better support for multiple monitors RFE Open dorian 2010-03-07
1212 Javascript moveTo resizeTo incorrect behaviour Normal Open .Nobody 2010-04-15
1215 ctrl + g (search funktion) RFE Open .Nobody 2010-04-26
1237 Undefined entity error in findbar.xml Normal Open desga2 2010-06-28
1238 Crash when scrolling down in View Source window opened from Error Console Normal Open desga2 2010-06-28
1239 Certificate dialog, bad value for IssuerOU Normal Open dorian 2010-06-28
1261 XUL dialogs predefined size lost function Normal Open .Nobody 2010-08-23
1288 XUL fails to resolve and connect to URLs Normal Open desga2 2011-01-21
1411 Resettin value in about:config converts it to string Normal Open - Mozilla Bug .Nobody 2015-11-09
Plugin - Bitmap Menus
869 Some menu items not aligned Minor Open .Nobody 2006-10-07
Plugin - Bookmark
440 Disappearing Menu Items Under "bookmarks()" Normal Open .Nobody 2003-04-02
475 New folder does not allow dragging in bookmarks, if moved prior to. Normal Open .Nobody 2003-06-21
491 Move / Delete *selection* of bookmarks RFE Open .Nobody 2003-07-26
639 'bookmarks' disappears from main menu Normal Open .Nobody 2004-01-12
726 Bookmark can't be selected while covers application menu Normal Open .Nobody 2005-01-21
732 'Open all bookmarks in this folder' menu item RFE Open .Nobody 2005-01-22
959 Bookmarks editor treeview eats standard window keybindings Normal Open .Nobody 2007-11-22
1096 Problems with adding webpages if title contains non-English characters Normal Open .Nobody 2009-03-27
1115 Cut and Paste Folder in BookMark Editor Loses Folder Normal Open .Nobody 2009-05-18
1225 crash after an empty bookmark folder Normal Open dorian 2010-06-01
1244 K-Meleon crash when you try to add a website to bookmarks in a new folder with bookmarks moved it. Normal Open .Nobody 2010-07-02
Plugin - Favorites
209 Autorefresh Favorites (hook into file system) RFE Open .Nobody 2002-05-29
453 RFE - Add horizontal scroll (or [more] submenu) to favorites toolbar Normal Open .Nobody 2003-04-10
464 "Add favorite" dialog RFE Open .Nobody 2003-04-28
605 Support unlimited numbers of favorites/bookmarks Minor Open .Nobody 2003-12-15
882 hebrew encoding on hebrew websites header Normal Open .Nobody 2006-11-25
1056 Favicon in menu shared between different sites in the same domain Minor Open dorian 2008-11-23
1069 Dialog flashed when you do double click in Favorites toolbar free space. Trivial Open .Nobody 2008-12-07
1098 Problems with adding webpages if title contains non-English characters Normal Open .Nobody 2009-03-27
Plugin - Gestures
1079 JavaScript onmouseup event broken Normal Open .Nobody 2009-01-21
Plugin - History
657 Open History URL in New Layer/Window Normal Open .Nobody 2004-02-11
1097 Problems with History if titles of webpages contains non-English characters Normal Open .Nobody 2009-03-27
Plugin - Layers
756 Switching between layers RFE Open .Nobody 2005-02-23
Plugin - Macros
431 RFE - a way to write text in the title bar RFE Open .Nobody 2003-03-25
990 Macro method opennew() incorrectly redirected to empty tab Normal Open .Nobody 2008-03-08
1153 OnCloseTab does not execute when there's only one tab Trivial Open .Nobody 2009-10-12
1185 setting the toolbar visibility pref is not instant when called from macro RFE Open .Nobody 2010-02-18
Plugin - Privacy
1202 1.6.0a3 Automatically clear history from Tools-Privacy-Clear data not working Normal Open .Nobody 2010-03-22
Plugin - Sessions
1060 Previous Session open tabs closed in last session. RFE Open .Nobody 2008-12-06
1211 "Last Session" can't be removed RFE Open .Nobody 2010-04-14
Plugin - Toolbar
827 Buttons should be identified by name, not by command Normal Open .Nobody 2006-07-06
The Website
608 Implement sort options RFE Open .Nobody 2003-12-16
670 Bugs with Switchlang and Translations Normal Open .Nobody 2004-03-11
800 The BTS doesn't send notification email Normal Open everling 2006-01-23
1285 Remove accent in username Normal Open .Nobody 2011-01-07

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